Interbrand Announces the First Class of Breakthrough Brands


Interbrand Breakthrough Brands 2016 NYSE

Ringing the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange today, Interbrand launches the inaugural Interbrand Breakthrough Brands report in partnership with Facebook, Ready Set Rocket and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

The report, with the theme of “Future Growth,” is unique in that it examines emerging companies that are brand-led—organizations that have both unique business models and strong brands. The report complements Interbrand’s annual Best Global Brands report, now entering its 17th year, by putting a spotlight on emerging brands—especially those that are affecting change and embodying growth and may very well be the Best Global Brands of the future.

“While it is certainly true that exciting startups abound, Interbrand and its partners have decided to put a spotlight on those organizations that have strong business models and strong brands,” noted Interbrand Global CEO Jez Frampton.

“From their earliest days, these Breakthrough Brands have been focused on managing their brands and delivering integrated experiences to their customers. We believe such efforts leave them well-poised to achieve significant growth in the months and years ahead.”

Breakthrough Brands 2016 Interbrand

Approximately 200 brands were nominated by a global network of key influencers—individuals chosen by Interbrand, Facebook, NYSE and Ready Set Rocket because of their strong commitment to, and interest in. emerging brands.

Interbrand Breakthrough Brands 2016 #Breakthrough2016In selecting the inaugural class of breakthrough brands, four key criteria were examined: age (10 years or younger); “driving change by responding to a unique marketplace need, generating a new experience for consumers, disrupting an industry, adopting a new business model or developing a new technology”; demonstrable growth, whether financial, new product or service categories or geographic expansion; and generating buzz and seen as a leader, even if still in a nascent space, with an appreciation for the value of its brand.

As Interbrand Chief Content Officer Paola Norambuena notes in the report, “We realize that standouts come in all shapes, sizes, and stages of growth. After 16 years of publishing Best Global Brands, we knew it was time to create a platform for these new notables, given that we’ve always been invested in celebrating the best brands and businesses around the globe—whether they’re a Best Global Brand or a Breakthrough Brand.”

“We set out to discover and celebrate the next generation of brands—the startups, upstarts, challengers, problem-solvers, innovators and category creators,” she added. “The brands that are the evidence of how our cultures, behaviors, and planet evolve. The ones that will impact generations and define progress. The ones that are making it happen.”

“It’s exciting to watch new patterns emerge through the Breakthrough Brands featured in this inaugural report,” noted Alex Lirtsman, Co-Founder and Chief Strategist at Ready Set Rocket. “Digital has forever transformed the traditional strategies, structures, and economics of marketing. Working with Interbrand, Facebook, and the NYSE to identify these trends—and the brands paving the way—has been an inspiring experience. We are all looking forward to watching these brands continue to grow.”

“We’re excited to highlight these emerging brands which are setting their companies and brands apart by driving new ideas and growth,” said Tom Farley, President of NYSE Group. “The innovation they’ve demonstrated as young companies will contribute to their success as these companies cultivate their identity and connect with more customers.”

Meet the inaugural Interbrand Breakthrough Brands (some hints below) by downloading the Future Growth report and get more insights into what makes a true breakthrough and an emerging brand on the path to growth and greatness.

And engage with the action from the New York Stock Exchange on Wed. July 27th during the first Breakthrough Brands Summit—an event co-hosted by Interbrand, Ready Set Rocket, Facebook and the New York Stock Exchange—by following the hashtag #Breakthrough2016 and following the livestream on Interbrand’s Facebook page.