VR Watch: How Brands Are Testing Virtual Reality


Jack-in-the-Box VR

More and more marketers are experimenting with virtual reality as a way to engage consumers—and Pokemon Go is proof positive that augmented reality has hit the mainstream.

Greenlight VR’s “2016 Virtual Reality Consumer Adoption Report” finds that nearly 52% of people want to be associated with brands that have a VR focus, 53% would buy goods or services from companies actively engaged in VR, and 71% of people consider brands working with VR to be forward-thinking and modern.

“If the recent success of Pokemon Go isn’t enough, this data provides concrete evidence to experience marketers who are currently designing for the new experience economy,” says Greenlight VR CEO Clifton Dawson.

Following is a roundup of some recent VR brand activations:

Jack in the Box produced a short VR film giving customers “an immersive experience” promoting its new Jack’s Brewhouse Bacon Burger.

Jaguar has produced its first VR campaign, #FeelWimbledon, letting users experience hitting a winning shot as champion—and Jaguar ambassador—Andy Murray. The video has accumulated 97 million impressions since its launch, exceeding the brand’s target of 50 million. The automaker handed out 20,000 Google Cardboard headsets in and around Wimbledon. “It allows us to demo vehicles earlier and earlier in the launch cycles,” said Robert Herd, head of communications at Jaguar Land Rover UK. “It’s an authentic way to experience the product.”

United Airlines is offering a 360-degree, 3D virtual tour of its new Polaris business class situated at the front of Boeing 777s complete with 16-inch high-definition screens at every seat and flat beds. But since the planes won’t be available until December, Matt Damon created a virtual tour. “It’s a great way to showcase an experience that doesn’t exist yet,” said Daniel Cuellar, United’s senior manager of onboard product development.

Mr. Robot is simulcasting an immersive short film from Chris Milk’s virtual reality company, Within, at San Diego Comic Con. Billed as, the first nationally simulcast virtual reality experience, Milk says three types of stories will make VR mainstream: stories that feel similar to a traditional film, stories that a traditional film can tell, but virtual reality tells better, and then films that could only exist in virtual reality.

Shrek and Kung Fu Panda will soon be available in VR. Digital Domain Holdings and DreamWorks Animation have struck a deal to produce VR experiences for the popular characters. It will include 360-degree live streaming and pre-recorded video, VR, augmented reality and immersive media based on Youku’s events and content.

Kung Fu Panda VR

Minnesota Viking fans can experience the team’s history in a 10,000-square foot Vikings Voyage this fall. The high-tech, interactive experience celebrates the team as fans test their skills through trials of shuttle drills and vertical jumps, catch virtual passes and crash into a blocking pad that measures their impact force. Their results are tracked via an RFID-equipped bracelet.

Minnesota Vikings VR

And for those feeling a little nervous about an upcoming salary negotiation, Variable Labs has designed a VR negotiation simulator as part of the White House’s push for equal pay. The app, which works with a Samsung Gear VR device, helps users practice negotiation techniques and improve soft skills in an interview setting. ““It’s like being in the room with the interviewer,” says Variable co-founder Mario de la Vega. “It allows the opportunity to rehearse, and through practice and rehearsal, you build confidence.”