Moleskine Café: A Contemporary Twist on the Café Littéraire


Moleskine Café Milan

Moleskine notebooks have captured the thoughts of generations of writers, artists, designers and dreamers. Over the years they have become trusted travel companions, agile tools for capturing thoughts, sketches and moments of inspiration.

As Moleskine CEO Arrigo Berni told us in 2014, “Creation often occurs offline, out of the studio or in transit, and is entirely spontaneous. Creative thinkers say their best ideas come to them when they are on the move and for this, a Moleskine notebook is the perfect tool.”

Moleskine Café Milan

Moleskine Cafe logoCafés are the natural habitat for notebooks and objects from the Moleskine collections, so it comes as no surprise to see the company testing the waters with its own café. The first Moleskine Café opened in Geneva airport last December. And this week, the flagship Milan Moleskine Café opened its doors, the first of many city-based cafés for the brand.

Crafted in partnership with Interbrand, the hybrid café/art gallery (visitors are invited to sketch and color in the walls)/store/library located in the heart of the city’s Brera Design District.

Moleskine Café

The overarching theme of “inspiring journeys” emerged as the brand proposition thanks to the collaboration with Interbrand—a powerful narrative that will fuel brand extensions and frame the development of new analog and digital products, services and experiences.

“My daily fix of inspiration” is the simple, compelling, creative idea at the center of gravity while developing the ambiance and experience.

Moleskine Café Milan

The Moleskine Café in Milan marks the beginning of a new journey for a brand that has retail stores worldwide and that now welcomes brand enthusiasts and newcomers alike to drop by and enjoy what it has to offer: quality coffee and food; space for working, thinking, creating, conversing, unplugging or plugging in; an inspiring line-up of events; and of course, a retail corner to explore the Moleskine collections.

Moleskine Café Milan

Moleskine was created as a brand in 1997 and since 2007 is also the name of the company; it went public on the Milan Stock Exchange in 2013. Its collections encompass the legendary notebook collection, planners, sketchbooks as well as travel accessories and a whole family of objects that bring its heritage into the digital age and bridge the analog-digital divide.

Moleskine Notebook

“My daily fix of inspiration” embodies the idea of a place where ideas and stories can be shared. With more locations in the works, the Moleskine Café offers visitors an innovative retail experience, creating an atmosphere where they can socialize and enjoy food, creativity and shopping in a single space designed to reflect the distinctive, clean aesthetics of Moleskine.

A year-round program of talks, breakfast learning sessions and exhibitions animates the Café, while a sales corner with a boutique-like display deck allows hands-on contact with the objects in Moleskine collections.

Moleskine Cafe sketchbook Milan

A partnership with the Milanese coffee roaster Sevengrams brings carefully selected expresso blends and extra fine single origin filter coffee to the table. Coffee beans in special Moleskine packaging are on sale, telling the stories of the places, peoples and roasting traditions of the coffee inside.

Moleskine Cafe coffee packaging

The Café menu, meanwhile, features healthy, quirky combinations of aromas and tastes from around the world including gourmet sandwiches, soups, salads and rich breakfast and brunch selections.

Moleskine Cafe Milan

Designed a là Moleskine with essential clean aesthetics and a contemporary pallet of neutral colors, just like the pages of a Moleskine notebook, the new Moleskine Café is somewhere to be energized and stimulated by coffee, culture and conversation with spaces also dedicated to silence and contemplation, perfect for unplugging, reading and creating.

It’s a “third place” and a home away from home that, just like Moleskine products, serves as a constant, creative companion and an invitation to inspiration. Visit in Milan at Corso Garibaldi 65 or virtually on Facebook.

Moleskine Notebook