Souper Bowl: 5 Questions With Abby Elu, Campbell’s Chunky Soup


Chunky Soup Super Bowl LI sweepstakes Everyman

Chunky Soup Everyman All-Star LeagueGreen Bay Packers legend Reggie White and current Packer star Eddie Lacy are forever linked in soup. Specifically, Campbell’s Chunky Soup. It was 1997 when Chunky Soup ran its first NFL campaign starring Reggie White. Nineteen years later, Eddie Lacy is starring in its just-announced NFL-related campaign “Everyman All-Star League.”

It’s easy to see why Chunky Soup, one of the NFL’s oldest partners, is maintaining the relationship. Between White’s 1997 ad and Donovan “Mama” McNabb’s 2001 message, soup revenues for Chunky Soup doubled.

Nearly 20 years on, Chunky is taking on fantasy football in 2016 with a half-dozen NFL stars serving as league general managers. Chunky is inviting fans to join for the chance to win tickets to Super Bowl LI on Feb. 5th and other gear.

In addition to the sweepstakes, this Super Bowl season Chunky is also trying to freshen up its brand with innovative flavors, including Clam and Corn Chowder with Bacon, Spicy BBQ Seasoned Chicken With Beans, Chili Mac with Beans, Macaroni Pasta and Meat and Creamy Chicken Noodle.

We spoke with Abby Elu, Brand Manager for Campbell’s Chunky Soup, about keeping the passion and fun alive in its long-running NFL partnership.

Campbell's Everyman All-Star NFL League Chunky Soup

brandchannel: What makes for the perfect Chunky Soup NFL spokesman?

Abby Elu - Campbell's SoupAbby Elu: The perfect Chunky Soup NFL spokesperson is an everyday guy, tackling everyday victories just like our core consumer. While these six spokespeople are amazing athletes and teammates on the field, they’re even more exemplary off the field.

They’re reliable, trusted and inspiring people who are passionate about their family and friends, and active in their communities. They’re all hard workers and embody all of the qualities and character that are important to the Chunky brand.

brandchannel: Over the years, Chunky Soup focused on players’ moms, and then “Mama’s Boys.” How does the brand keep the Chunky Soup messaging fresh?

Abby Elu: If the Chunky Soup/NFL partnership were a kid, he’d actually be old enough to play in the NFL. Chunky is the second-longest tenured sponsor of the NFL – 19 years and counting! Over the past two decades, the NFL’s and our demographic continually changed and it’s our job to be relatable to consumers. Fantasy football is a phenomenon that everyone plays and the Everyman All-Star League is the perfect platform to hit the millennial fan, stay at home dad and working mother.

Brandchannel: On a recent call, Campbell Soup Company CEO Denise Morrison said the company needed to increase “excitement” in its core products. In an increasingly crowded market and an even more crowded consumer mindspace, how does a brand like Chunky bring “excitement” to a product that’s been a mainstay of kitchens for decades?

Abby Elu: Through our six NFL spokespeople. From a veteran Super Bowl MVP to a Rookie of the Year running back on Los Angeles’ newest franchise, these six players will share the brand’s excitement via their social networks and the six hilarious national commercials.

The brand will use several of them at grocery stores in their local markets to surprise and delight fans, too. We’ll also be on the road throughout the NFL season with our Chunky food truck. The truck will show up at NFL stadiums offering free Chunky Soup and NFL-licensed swag.

brandchannel: What is your favorite Chunky Soup-NFL spot of all time?

Abby Elu: I’ll always remember Donovan McNabb, because it was one of my first shoots and was funny to watch Mrs. McNabb tell Donovan what to do! I also loved the Ronnie Lott shoot we did last year around the Big Game (we sang together when the cameras weren’t rolling), but I’d have to say that working with these six athletes in Los Angeles a few months ago and seeing the production come to life, this is definitely my favorite. The chemistry of the six competitors was amazing to see in-person and watching their sense of humor while they endorse our brand – a product they believe in – was absolutely remarkable.

Below, a look back at some of the iconic Campbell’s Chunky Soup/NFL campaigns:

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