Facebook’s Messenger Bot Hits New York Fashion Week


Gigi Hadid Tommy Hilfiger

Facebook is now ready for bots to accept payments natively—within its Messenger app—without sending users to an external website.

Facebook Messenger head David Marcus discussed Messenger’s rise to 1 billion users and he proclaimed of the Messenger platform v1.2 launch: “Inside a thread you have identity, transaction capabilities, the ability to draw UI, and draw native buttons and interfaces.”

“We’re bringing all these types of experiences together.” Going forward, a webview can be prefetched to show-up faster “It’s not easy,” said Marcus of rolling out Messenger’s bots. “It takes time.”

Tommy Hilfiger Facebook Messenger app

Tommy Hilfiger is one brand stepping into the conversational commerce game. The New York-based label is launching a fashbot on Facebook Messenger to tie in with New York Fashion Week.

Named TMY.GRL, after the Tommy Girl fragrance of the 1990s, the bot delivers personalized conversations with fans about the Fall 2016 line and TommyXGigi [Hadid] collection.

As Facebook noted:

Tommy Hilfiger’s new TMY.GRL bot for Messenger gives you a personalized experience of the latest #TOMMYNOW fashion show and allows you to browse and shop your favorite looks from the #TommyXGigi collection. To get started, message TMY.GRL: m.me/TommyHilfiger.

Through the bot, fashionistas can type questions or select pre-made queries to learn about Hadid, see behind-the-scenes content from the collection’s runway show event and, most importantly, shop for items from the nautical-themed clothing line.

Facebook Messenger Bot x Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid

In partnership with AI platform, msg.ai, the Messenger bot learns to understand consumer habits, context and intent and can predict and provide information users want.

“The consumer and brand relationship is on the cusp of the most significant change since the smartphone,” Puneet Mehta, founder and CEO of msg.ai said.

“Messaging is becoming the new browser and the gateway to consumer life, with artificial intelligence bots being the new user interface. With TMY.GRL, Tommy Hilfiger is providing consumers with the digital commerce experience of the future: immediate, individualized, entertaining and seamless across the entire customer journey.”

“We’re really focused on going directly to the consumer,” stated designer Tommy Hilfiger, according to TechCrunch.  “We are obviously distributed in our own stores and in department stores, but going directly to the consumer is really part of the motive and the future of the omni-channel process.”

As for trusting a bot’s chat when you can’t sample the product first-hand, Hilfiger added, “I think if you’re an established brand and the consumer is familiar with the brand, they have confidence that that certain cotton or cashmere or denim is the quality that would be acceptable, that they would be confident that the fit would be okay.”