Pampers Delivers Healthy Growth With Hospital Access, NFL Newborn Club



Pampers has been flourishing by creating new opportunities in ingenious places. Football and babies don’t generally mix, for example, but Pampers and the National Football League have found a way to put the two together with the league’s creation of an NFL Newborn Fan Club earlier this year. It not only gives football fans personalized birth certificates featuring a favorite team’s logo and the baby’s name, it also includes discounts on Pampers products.

Pampers NFL Newborn Fan Club

It is partnerships and deals like this that help keep the revenue flowing for Pampers, putting it in Forbes’ top 50 most valuable brand list. Pampers became the first Procter & Gamble brand to bring in USD $10 billion annually back in 2012, and Forbes ranks its worth at USD $11.5 billion. Not bad for a brand that was created in the 1950s after a grandfather (and P&G researcher) discovered that he wasn’t a fan of his grandchild’s cloth diapers.

The diaper first shipped in 1961, and new parents everywhere have been singing its praises ever since. While not generally known for its celebrity endorsements, Pampers signed a deal with 28-year-old US swimmer Dana Vollmer just before the Rio Olympics. Vollmer, who was heading to her third Olympics after having a baby a year and a half earlier, became a brand ambassador to show how Pampers had helped her son sleep through the night. That left her well rested and ready to compete in Rio, where she picked up another gold medal to add to her previous four, along with a silver and bronze.

It isn’t just deals that are helping Pampers expand its marketplace. It has also continuously introduced new products to its Baby Dry, Swaddlers, and Cruisers lines in recent years.

Pampers UNICEF

Meanwhile, Pampers continues its partnership with UNICEF to eliminate maternal and newborn tetanus (MNT) in 17 countries in the world’s poorest areas. Consumers supporting the Pampers-UNICEF “1 pack = 1 vaccine” initiative have saved an estimated 500,000 newborn babies, with a vaccine reaching a mother and her baby every second.

Pampers UNICEF 10th anniversary - 500,000 newborns

Things are not likely slowing down for the brand either, despite a slowly growing number of parents who are choosing cloth diapers. A new report shows that the global baby diaper market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.76 percent through 2019. Disposable diapers are leading that growth. Last year, Pampers controlled 44 percent of the US diaper market.

Another growth channel for Pampers is making its way into hospitals across the globe, meaning new parents will be imprinted with the brand before even getting their child home. In America, around 70 percent of babies born have access to Pampers in the hospital. Those kinds of numbers would potentially make it harder for challenger brands to make big inroads into Pampers’ base. For now it seems P&G has one brand that is very safely at the top of its game.