Intel Powers Oakley Radar Pace Virtual Coaching Smart Glasses


Oakley Radar Pace

Wearable tech can not only monitor the user’s data — now it also comes with a virtual coach to motivate and enhance a workout. The Oakley Radar Pace creates dynamic, personalized training programs, tracks performance, provides coaching in real-time and even answers queries from the user.

The new smart eyewear, featuring a real-time voice-activated coaching system, is just the latest product from collaboration between Luxottica Group and Intel, a partnership focused on optimizing how athletes train in real time.

“Merging Oakley’s leading design and performance benefits with Intel’s technology, Radar Pace is a game changer in training and coaching,” stated Ryan Saylor, VP Advanced Product Development at Oakley, part of the Luxottica Group.

“One of the biggest benefits is the accountability – the coach being there with the athletes to help get the most out of every workout. It was a true collaboration that we hope will redefine the future of sport.”

A hands-free conversational interface powered by Intel Real Speech helps athletes stay focused in optimal training position while the Bluetooth audio headset enables them to listen to music or make and receive calls and texts. The Radar Pace app collects and analyzes power output, heart rate, speed, cadence, time, pace and distance and then supplies real-time audio coaching.

“Radar Pace is a testament that everything can and will be made better,” said Scott Smith, VP Strategic Partnerships at Luxottica. “It is the ultimate hands-free training wearable that will push the boundaries of smart eyewear.”

Oakley Radar Pace

Radar Pace, now available in North America, Europe and Australia, helps athletes make real-time adjustments without fumbling with a phone or watch, keeping focus on goals and performance.

“Through our collaboration, we have challenged each other to reinvent what is possible – each bringing our expertise to the office, lab, track or road,” Josh Walden, Intel’s SVP/GM New Technology Group, commented. “The end result is a powerful and innovative product that combines Intel technology and engineering expertise with Oakley’s sleek, lightweight design favorited by athletes around the world.”

Radar Pace also features Oakley Prizm, a break-through lens technology that enhances performance with ultra-precise color tuning, designed for specific environments. The Prizm Road lens comes with Radar Pace and brightens whites, enhances yellows, greens and reds making it easier for runners and cyclists to detect subtleties in road texture and identify potential hazards.

The system was first announced at CES — and could stand to be a little tougher. As CNET noted, “the voice on Oakley’s website is, like Alexa and Siri, pleasant and female. Maybe a berating R. Lee Ermey drill sergeant voice will be an optional add-on later.”

Like all good coaches, it doesn’t come cheap, with a suggest price of $450 per headset.

Mashable chimes in that “like Google Glass before it, these $449 sunglasses feature a ton of technology that’s built directly into the frame. Unlike Glass, these frames feel lightweight and, at a glance, still look like normal eyewear.”

“Where Google Glass sought to invent a new platform for delivering real-time information, Oakley Pace Radar’s goals are somewhat narrower — real-time sport and fitness training feedback and guidance — and, as a result, the technology may be more accessible.”