Trump Brand Keeps Taking Hits as US Election Day Approaches


Trump Tower

As one of the most contentious presidential elections ever in US politics draws to a close, Donald Trump’s star appears to be waning—as a contender and a brand.

Market research company Morning Consult surveyed 1,983 registered US voters and found nearly four out of 10 said Trump’s campaign for president made them “less likely” to buy Trump-related products, while just 17% said it made them more likely.

Trump Brand Hotels

Further survey results find that 46% of Americans wouldn’t stay at a Trump-branded hotel compared to 39% who said they would.

The disdain for the Trump brand has even hit the fairways as 63% of those surveyed said they wouldn’t play on a Trump course while just 20% said they would.

Trump Brand Hotels

“Part of why Trump’s brand has taken a hit during the election season is likely his own doing,” reports Fortune. And the fact that daughter Ivanka has remained steadfastly by her father’s side is affecting her brand as well.

Fewer than one quarter of women in the Morning Consult poll said they would buy clothes from Ivanka’s brand, while almost six in 10 said they would not buy at all. Some have called for a boycott of the Ivanka Trump Collection from retailers including Dillard’s, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.

Revenue for the Ivanka Trump Collection during fiscal 2016 was up 37% over the previous year, according to a Trump representative, and monthly visitors to the site increased by 50% over the same period.

Donald Ivanka Trump

Meanwhile, the Republican presidential candidate is taking time from campaigning to open his new hotel in Washington, DC. Campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said Trump is justified in showing off his “under-budget, ahead-of-schedule” Trump International Hotel, reports Fortune, calling it “a demonstration of Trump’s can-do spirit and a “stunning piece of architecture.” Rooms at the new $212 million hotel that bears his name at Washington’s Old Post Office Pavilion are being “heavily discounted.”

In a sharp departure from Trump’s eponymous empire building, a new line of hotels will be called Scion, “which means ‘descendant of a notable family,’” according to a press release. The new brand “is a multi-faceted lifestyle brand developed in response to the boom in social clubs and the ‘we’ economy.’” (Note: The name should not be confused with Toyota’s brand of cars targeting millennials, which Toyota discontinued two months ago due to falling sales.)

Trump Scion Hotels

Bruce Himelstein, former CMO for Loews and Ritz-Carlton hotels, said that Trump is “now a polarizing figure,” according to Bloomberg. “When he was putting his hotels together, he wasn’t. There’s definitely an impact.”

And that impact just hit the windy city yesterday as Chicago’s City Council Transportation Committee unanimously agreed to strip Trump of his coveted honorary “Trump Plaza” designation for the east side of Wabash Avenue between Illinois Street and the Chicago River, outside the 96-story Trump International Hotel & Tower.

The action follows Trump’s “distorted caricature” of the city as spiking in homicides and shootings, reports the Chicago Sun Times. “We can actually use his own words against him: ‘When you hit us, we hit back,’” said Transportation Committee Chairman Anthony Beale. “You’ve hit Chicago numerous times… When you hit Chicago, Chicago hits back.”

Trump Globe

In a similar move 20 years ago, the enormous silvery globe at the Trump International Hotel & Tower in Manhattan was originally intended to be boast the words “Trump International,” in letters about three-feet high, reports The New York Times. The city rejected the request, ruling that “the globe with lettering is a sign and is not a permitted obstruction.”

For a businessman who jealously guards his bottom line, Trump best check his back.


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