#SeeGoodDaily: LensCrafters Launches CSR Campaign Aimed at Millennials


LensCrafters See Good Daily

When a CSR campaign gets it right, everybody wins. LensCrafters’ recent national initiative called #SeeGoodDaily is an ideal example of targeting millennials to grow the contact lens category and encourage eye exams.

The initial phased launch in July led to a lift in daily disposables and offered a comprehensive snapshot of all the leading dailies brands available to customers in one place.

It also seeded the notion of seeing better and looking for good.

Working with agency Truth Collective, LensCrafters’ engagement message for millennials: “Blurry eyesight makes it hard to see the world around you. Seeing the good around you? Even harder.”

The campaign was about more than vision correction—the brand needed to connect with its audience’s optimism. “To take eyesight from something purely physical to a matter of perspective,” notes Truth Collective. “That insight turned into a call for millennials to open their eyes, and their hearts, to See. Good. Daily.”

The double call-to-action: Schedule an eye exam at LensCrafters to find the perfect contact lens for your eyes and lifestyle and open your vision to seeing more good.

The next phase of #SeeGoodDaily kicked off October 26 in New York City, and a SnapChat native engagement went live for one day on October 16. The latter, reports the agency, “over-delivered on the platform’s benchmark for plays by 167%, views by more than 250%, and playtime exceeded norms by over 300%. Our millennial target certainly loves their snaps!”

Now rolling out to five cities is a series of street team activations blanketing towns and college campuses to spread random acts of kindness. Teams are tasked with actions like paying expired parking meters, handing out free cups of coffee or giving away flowers. Each act is accompanied with a See.Good.Daily. calling card with a call to action to see the good around you.

The call-to-action is being heard…and seen…best ROI for a CSR campaign.