Bright BMBR Smart Jacket Debuts at Decoded Fashion Summit


Bright BMBR Smart Jacket Avery Dennison Rochambeau EVRYTHNG

A new smart digital jacket made its debut this week at the Decoded Fashion Summit in New York City. The Bright BMBR connected jacket was developed as part of a collaboration between Avery Dennison, Internet of Things platform EVRYTHNG, and menswear brand Rochambeau.

Triggered by a smartphone, the left sleeve features a hidden zipper pocket containing a limited-edition label with NFC technology and a unique QR code, according to a press release. This allows consumers to connect with smart tags and access rewards and curated experiences.

The BRIGHT BMBR jackets are priced at $630 exclusively via retail partner The New Stand, a next-generation experiential store located at New York’s Union Square Station, Brookfield Place and Columbus Circle.

The limited run of 15 jackets due for release in December are embedded with digital tags that serve as a VIP pass to an event picked by the founders, including a tasting menu for two at Toro restaurant, a personal tour at New Release gallery or velvet rope entry to the most exclusive nightclubs.

Bright BMBR Smart Jacket Avery Dennison Rochambeau EVRYTHNG

Rochambeau is a NYC experimental menswear brand. “We started Rochambeau as an outlet for creative expression and artistic collaboration,” said co-founder Chandler, in a press release. “We can’t think of a more amazing way to do this than to create beautiful garments with culture and connectivity stitched into the very fabric of the item. We’re excited about designing more Rochambeau products, which are born digital.”

Avery Dennison’s Janela platform enables apparel and footwear products to have a unique, serialized label that connects to EVRYTHNG’s cloud-based software. By 2019, Avery Dennison plans to digitize a minimum of 10 billion apparel products for personalized, relevant consumer experiences.

“The demand for products that integrate digitally into the everyday lives of consumers continues to accelerate,” said Kim Schneider, senior director, Technology Solutions for Avery Dennison Retail Branding and Information Solutions (RBIS), in a press release. “As contemporary fashion and retail stores become increasingly connected by digital means, brands must become cognizant of ways to incorporate technology into their products—and Avery Dennison offers retailers this opportunity.”

Bright BMBR Smart Jacket Avery Dennison Rochambeau EVRYTHNG

“Many brands see digital as a channel; they’re doing digital, not being digital.” Andy Hobsbawm, CMO and co-founder of EVRYTHNG, told Forbes. “When you start looking at technology as a material that you can weave in as an actual part of your product experience instead—that’s very powerful, together that creates something new.”

“A use case such as the Rochambeau smart jacket paves the way for other retailers to incorporate applications and services that connect more intelligently with consumers,” noted Deon Stander, VP/GM of Avery Dennison RBIS. “Brands will become more interactive, providing personalized, real-time mobile experiences and content for each individual consumer and each item of clothing.”


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