CES 2017: LG Presents Full Array of Smart Home Devices and Appliances


LG Levitating Speaker CES 2017

LG Electronics has brought a full range of smart home devices and electronics to CES in Las Vegas.

For starters, LG is showcasing its levitating portable speaker at CES. The model PJ9 speaker uses electromagnets housed in the device and at its center is a 360 degree omnidirectional speaker with a turbine blade-inspired design, while a deep bass comes from a subwoofer embedded inside.

“We are absolutely dedicated to exploring new concepts and to pioneering innovative designs for its advanced audio products for consumers around the world, and the PJ9 is the latest example of this commitment,” said Brian Kwon, president and CEO of LG’s home entertainment company, as reported by Designboom,

LG Levitating Speaker CES 2017

As Designboom notes, the speaker “mesmerizingly hovers over the accompanying levitation station whilst delivering high quality audio.” And using wireless technology, the device “allows users to seamlessly play music, podcasts and other audio content simultaneously through two bluetooth-enabled electronics.”

The futuristic product, added Designboom, “features a striking appearance that blends the soft curves of the floating speaker with the sculptured lines of the ground station.”

LG also unveiled a connected smart refrigerator that includes both the webOS operating system and integration with Amazon’s Alexa assistant—and it can automatically adjust its power settings to order groceries with your voice.

LG Smart Refrigerator Alexa CES 2017

The 29-inch front touchscreen has Instaview, a door-in-door that can become translucent to show the contents inside. LG touts its ability to look up recipes, play music, check the weather and shop online.

LG also displayed several consumer Hub Robots that leverage its voice-controlled LG Hub. “It has more personality, adding an animated face and swiveling to look at whoever it’s talking to, notes The Verge. “It looks and feels a lot like the Jibo robot that was unveiled two years ago.”

LG presented a Hub bot preheating a connected oven, turning on a robotic vacuum and controlling an autonomous lawnmower. LG is selling mini versions of the Hub, similar to the Amazon Dot, that can be placed in different rooms, as well as a larger version for use in airports and hotels.

LG Hub Robot CES 2017

Emphasizing all its new devices as running on cutting-edge AI that learns about an owner and carries on conversations, The Verge notes, “The Hub Robot is designed to respond to consumers using body language, such as nodding its head when answering simple questions, and is always aware of activities inside the home, such as when family members leave, come home and go to bed.” And because the Hub Robot is able to distinguish different family members’ faces with its camera, it can be programmed with a different greeting for each family member.

And finally, LG’s new premium OLED TV is thinner than any that have gone before it. Called the LG Signature OLED W, or W7 for short, the “W” stands for “wallpaper” because the display is just 1/10 of an inch thick, enabled by the fact that OLED panels don’t require backlighting.

LG TV CES 2017

The LG W7 is brighter than the previous generation by 25%, and the color is also improved through collaboration with Hollywood colorist Technicolor. Given the thinness, everything other than the display itself is embedded in a separate soundbar base and features Dolby Atmos.

The LG Signature OLED TV W runs on Web OS 3.5, and new tricks include capability to communicate with LG’s Signature home appliances.