CES 2017: Liberty Mutual Gamifies Driver Safety and Insurance Savings


Liberty Mutual HighwayHero app

Car insurance companies long have used “telematics” connectivity to offer their customers premium savings based on how the digital devices record their driving behavior. Now, Liberty Mutual wants to show potential new customers how much they, too, could save depending on how they drive, with ramification helping make the exercise engaging and relevant.

Liberty Mutual HighwayHero appAt CES 2017, the iconic auto insurer is showcasing an app called HighwayHero that tracks and scores driving behavior for these people, providing feedback after trips “so the app is never a distraction,” as the company put it. Users can track their progress, see how they stack up against other local drivers on city leaderboards and win achievement badges such as “Safest Driver.”

The pitch: “Master the streets, one drive at a time. It’s time for you to hit the road and embark on a real-time driving quest to become Master of the Streets. Not only will HighwayHero™ give you extra bragging rights amongst your friends and family, but it will also enable you to become a better, smarter driver.”

“HighwayHero lets people try our program before they buy (insurance) to see what kind of discount they can get based on their patterns of driving, based on hard braking, hard acceleration and whether they drive at night,” Nicholas Grant, senior director of product technology solutions for Liberty Mutual, told brandchannel. 

“We gamified the experience so people can compare themselves to others in the state and city and have a fun experience—and find out what kind of a discount they could get if they become a customer.” HighwayHero is available in 16 states now with the company’s aim to make it “effectively” across the US by the end of this year, Grant said.

Grant said that the number of users of HighwayHero app (available on iOS and Android devices) “who click on the leaderboard and for badges is a significant portion.”

Liberty Mutual also is gamifying its discount program for customers, called RightTrack, with new features such as one that compares driving behaviors of different drivers of a vehicle.

So far, HighwayHero app users are converting to Liberty Mutual customers using the RightTrack program to get actual premium discounts at a “significant” rate, Grant said. “They love the idea of being able to control the discount they get,” he said. “It’s a very material program for us.”