Super Bowl Watch: Thanks to Intel, Tom Brady Is Going to the Big Game


Tom Brady Intel
Well rested after his appearance on behalf of Under Armour’s sleepwear line at CES, Tom Brady will next be seen at the Super Bowl. Whether the Patriots quarterback will be there with his team or not is yet to be decided; Brady will be seen on Super Bowl screens on behalf of chipmaker Intel as part of its “Brady Everyday” message.

“Intel presents: Tom Brady waking up, brushing his teeth and eating a pancake….off the floor.” That’s the pitch for Intel’s Brady tie-in promoting the tech brand’s new Intel 360° Technology.

But the Brady ad will not be Intel’s only mark on the Super Bowl. Intel has also struck a deal with 2017 Super Bowl network FOX to highlight the technology during the broadcast. The remarkable technology, as shown off in the Brady ad, allows viewers to rotate their viewing perspective around a static image. Many may know this technology as the “bullet time” camera work that made action film The Matrix so unique. Now Intel has made that painstaking technology available for live TV.

“For the first time, a company is airing an advertisement during the Super Bowl that is actually part of the broadcast and part of the game itself, a true example of innovative marketing,” Steve Fund, Intel’s Senior VP and CMO, said in a press release.

Intel’s Brady play is more than just a highlight of its technology. An interactive feature at the site allows users to create your own Brady Art from single frame 360 captures (see this author’s work below).

brady intel

Intel’s Brady Super Bowl gambit isn’t the only high-profile athlete partnership the brand has going right now. On the heels of his historic performance at the 2017 Rio Olympics, Michael Phelps has brought his #PhelpsFace to Intel to promote new Intel-powered PCs.