Super Bowl Watch: Snickers Taps Adam Driver in Next ‘You’re Not You’ Ad


Snickers NFL

It will be Adam Driver who’s not himself when he’s hungry in Super Bowl LI.

The actor of Girls and Star Wars fame will play the lead role in a new Snickers ad in the Big Game, serving as the protagonist who’s confused about his identity because he’s so hungry he can’t think straight—until someone gives him a Snickers bar.

This will be the third straight year of Super Bowl advertising for the Mars candy brand—an interesting extension in a year when one of the most iconic continuing Super Bowl campaigns by another snack brand, the Tostitos “Crash the Super Bowl” platform, has vanished.

Driver will be the latest in a series of celebrities who have helped the Snickers “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign with tremendous stickiness in the minds of consumers, going back to the first Super Bowl ad several years ago that starred Betty White. The 2015 ad portrayed Steve Buscemi and Danny Trejo as “hungry” versions of Jan and Marcia from The Brady Bunch. Last year’s ad, which still airs, featured Willlem Dafoe in Marilyn Monroe’s famous skirt-blowing scene.

The Snickers commercials “have become an annual event,” Driver said in a Snickers press release. “I’m excited to be part of this iconic commercial moment on the world’s biggest stage.”

The series of commercial moments for Snickers helped the brand increase global sales by 16 percent in the campaign’s first year and grew market share in 56 of the 58 markets in which it ran, reported CampaignLive.

The UK publication asked James Miller, global head of strategy for Mars at BBDO, to explain why “Not You” has been so effective. He cited a number of factors, including paying heed to the fact that “memories are fragile” and “brands are substitutable.” Snickers had been suffering a sales lull before the campaign.


“They simply didn’t think of the brand or see it when they went into a store,” Miller wrote. “So we needed a communications platform that would be noticed, distinctive and drive salience for Snickers.”

Mission accomplished.


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