Super Bowl Brand Strategy: 5 Questions With CMO Omer Shai


Wix 2017 Super Bowl Gal Gadot Jason Statham Big Game commercial made a splash on Tuesday by revealing its third consecutive Super Bowl campaign — starring upcoming Wonder Woman Gal Gadot and Hollywood action star Jason Statham — with a simultaneous Facebook Live and YouTube Live reveal of the hero Disruptive World ad and its stars, who shared it on social. A sweepstakes contest and short videos will continue the momentum.

Its first Super Bowl campaign (starring a host of NFL greats) attracted 300 million impressions worldwide in 2015, while its 2016 campaign (featuring the stars of Kung Fu Pandagenerated 350 million video impressions and saw 5 million new members in the quarter following the campaign.

With more than 98 million users globally, as Wix CMO Omer Shai tells us in our latest Q&A, the real stars of its Super Bowl efforts are its users and employees, both continually innovating to advance new features and partners such as Square for e-commerce and the newly-acquired Flok.

BC: How did Wix’s 2016 Super Bowl campaign go in terms of the brand metrics you were tracking, and did its success make re-upping for Super Bowl LI a no-brainer?

Omer Shai - CMO of Wix and Wix.comShai (right): I’m pretty comfortable with saying the decision was a no-brainer. We were not measuring brand awareness. There was only one metric we were working on. We are a public company, and we are measuring ourselves according to ROI and TROI: time to return to original investment. The last three years and the results of the first quarter (2016) were very good.

We knew we had very good ROI and TROI the last three years, and the strength of our brand is getting better, so it was really a no-brainer to return to the Super Bowl. Last year was really an amazing year for us. We launched the Wix API and an AI artificial intelligence platform that enhances and improves the offering, and launched a new mobile app.

Wix Super Bowl 2017 Gal Gadot Jason Statham

The theme of 2017 new Super Bowl campaign is disruption, blowing up the restaurant of a chef who’s busy working on his Wix website. How is Wix disrupting its own business, industry and competitors?

Disruption is a great theme for us. We as a company like to try new things and exploit new channels for how we engage with our communities. So destructive world is really about making our customer the hero. Our customers face disruption every day and we take their challenges very seriously. While we have two amazing super stars with an incredible job by Jason and Gal, which was a privilege, the biggest celebrities are our users and our own people.

We have hundreds of developers who are working really hard on a daily basis to create an equal opportunity for everyone to express themselves online. We are continually improving the product for them to create beautiful websites in the easiest way, and integrating partners such as Square, which is making shopping easier for our users’ websites.

Your previous Super Bowl campaigns were cross-cultural, and you’re doing that again this year with specific messaging for the US Hispanic audience. Can you elaborate?

We are a global company, so we must think about audiences globally. In addition, when we think about the Super Bowl, to be part of the biggest event in the world, we want to create something fun that also works on mobile and takes advantage of being on one of the biggest stages on the world. So we are very good at that, and we are getting better, all the time.

How do extend your Super Bowl strategy beyond the focus on Game Day to a month-long activation to meet your growth goals?

You’re right — we consider it a Super Bowl campaign and not a Super Bowl spot. We are going to have a lot of pieces of video, activities on social and more product-oriented spots to support the overall exposure that we’ll get. Today we are investing so much in video and social compared to what we did two years ago, and we are much, much better. So we are implementing all the insights that we’ve gathered over the last two years. Super Bowl 2017 ad Jason Statham and Gal Gadot

The Super Bowl isn’t the only big sports event that you’re involved with. How do you choose which sports best align with your brand?

Yes, we started with soccer with the City Football Group, they have five different teams — the biggest one is Manchester City. Again, we’re a global company, so the excitement and engagement we get with the Super Bowl in the US, there is even more engagement that people around the world have with soccer. Fans really interact with it and are really involved, and City shares a lot of the values of Wix and we’re happy with that partnership.

Part of the agreement is to use our strength in creating smart and creative elements including videos and to cross-promote each other. When we saw the power of that partnership we went on to baseball with the New York Yankees, of course one of the biggest brands in the US in terms of sports. We’ve been working with them for half a year and we have lots of cool ideas in the works which I can’t share right now but they’re very exciting. And soon we will be announcing another (sports) partnership.

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