Peloton Debuts Commercial Bike Line: Q&A With SVP Carolyn Tisch Blodgett


Peleton home bike commercial

Since 2012, Peloton has redefined the fitness industry by merging high design with smart technology. The brand, named one of the first class of Interbrand Breakthrough Brands in 2016, is known for offering live and on-demand fitness group classes from top NYC instructors.

More recently, seeing the demand for bikes in commercial environments, Peloton has created an entirely new bike and software platform uniquely designed for multi-user spaces. The spaces give consumers access in multiple locations throughout their day, including hotels and resorts, residential fitness centers, country clubs, hospitals and universities nationwide. Urban Outfitters Offices, the Newport Beach Country Club and the Westin Chicago River North are early adopters.

“The launch of this new category for Peloton is truly a reaction to the demand of our dedicated rider community,” said John Foley, co-founder and CEO of Peloton, in a press release. “Our community of riders love the experience so much that they want to engage with our products and our content wherever they go. Launching this new commercial-grade bike with specialized hardware and software made perfect sense as the next step in the Peloton journey.”

Peloton x Fitbit

Peloton also announced a partnership with Fitbit, enabling ride metrics to sync with the app for a more complete picture of overall health and fitness.

brandchannel spoke with Peloton SVP of Brand Marketing Carolyn Tisch Blodgett about the state of the brand today.

BC: You announced your expansion into hardware and commercial-grade bikes at CES, along with the evolution of your ecosystem with Fitbit. What has the response been?

Carolyn Tisch Blodgett Peloton

Carolyn Tisch Blodgett: We were blown away by the positive response to our announcement of our commercial grade bike at CES. The decision to move into the commercial space really came from our own community’s desire to have Peloton no matter where they are, so they were incredibly excited to know that we would now be in hotels, resorts, office buildings and residential development centers.

Wherever our riders are, they can now experience Peloton—and they’re thrilled. For others who have not yet had a chance to ride, they were equally as excited to have so many new opportunities and environments in which to try Peloton.

Separately, we know that many of our riders love to track their fitness stats, so they were excited about our new partnership Fitbit, which allows them to have an even fuller picture of their health.

Peloton Commercial Bike

BC:  Did anything at CES really inspire or catch your eye?

Blodgett: As a fitness technology company, it was inspiring to see all of the forward-thinking technologies that are being designed to improve people’s overall lives. Gone are the days where technology was all about microchips and processors—we saw so many companies, just like Peloton, that are truly trying to improve people’s lives through technology. Wellness seemed to be on everyone’s mind so we felt like we were in good company.

On a personal note, I have a 2-year-old daughter and another baby on the way, so I loved all of the new baby products—new technology like Willow will certainly be a game changer for me!

Peloton Commercial Bike

BC: You can stream workouts to your members wherever they are. What else would complete this immersive experience for your brand and customers?

Blodgett: Peloton is constantly looking for new ways to elevate the one-of-a-kind fitness experience we provide. Our commercial-grade bike is an exciting first step in that people will now be able to experience Peloton in their offices, gyms, hotels, social clubs, universities and more. We also have an app with our same great content so our riders can experience Peloton wherever they are.

But we know that wellness doesn’t stop after 45 minutes on a bike and our riders are constantly looking to engage with us throughout their day—whether that’s through our social channels or through tips and articles on our Cadence blog. We will continue to find innovative ways to make Peloton as immersive as possible and provide a full 360 experience to our members.

Peloton Commercial Bike

BC: How is Peloton focused on strategic growth?

Blodgett: Being strategic about where we invest our time and resources is probably one of the biggest challenges at a company that’s growing as quickly as Peloton. Our goals are to create the best possible experience for our current riders and to allow as many people as possible to experience Peloton, and we’re always looking for new ways to achieve these goals. We are in ongoing conversations across the organization on how to best prioritize our resources to stay focused on these goals.

BC:  What does this fundamental brand shift from in-home to on-demand (almost anywhere) signal about the future of your business?

Blodgett:  Since day one, Peloton has been bringing the immersive, motivational power of group boutique fitness to you whenever, wherever. We believe in using technology to enable people to get the best workout possible, without the inconvenience of having to go to a studio or being on a schedule. The more we can provide people with the ability to get the exercise they want, when they want it, the more we believe we’re succeeding as a business.

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