adidas ‘Original Is Never Finished’ Campaign Uses Past to Inspire Future


Adidas Originals

It’s been a busy week for adidas Originals.

Amidst all the noise of just-wrapped New York Fashion Week preview of the fall collections, the fifth Yeezy collection with Kanye West created buzz and won kudos among fashion’s cognoscenti. It also drew more attention to adidas as West’s partner on the venture.

As Vogue noted, Yeezy “Season 5” gave props with co-branding evident throughout the show: “While the Adidas connection has been played down in past, this season was a veritable celebration of the brand’s three stripes. There were hats, track pants, tops, hoodies—you name it, it had a logo on it.” The Yeezy Runner shoe was spotted in three chunky variations on the frenetic runway.

The latest installment in the German sportswear giant’s “Original Is Never Finished” campaign came Sunday night during a celebration of musical ingenuity, the Grammys. The new spot from adidas featured Snoop Dogg doing his thing to Frank Sinatra’s My Way. It also features imagery referencing his first solo album, 1993’s Doggystyle.

My Way, which apparently wasn’t a favorite of Old Blue Eyes, is the driving idea behind the Originals ads these days as the classic also gets riffed on by Desiigner and MadeInTYO. While Sinatra might not have liked these versions of the tune, either, he would have probably appreciated the look of these ads, as he was a fan of anything with style, such as this Originals short film released last month.

Before the Grammys kicked off, adidas Originals had a sponsored Twitter takeover to show off the new tunes that would debut that night. “As a brand we believe in creative freedom and are always challenging ourselves to push the bounds,” said adidas Originals and Core VP of global communications Alegra O’Hare in a statement, according to Adweek. “The decision to recreate our very own campaign film, just weeks after it debuted, and launch two new re-imagined videos via social media just felt right.”

The adidas campaign, based on the brand’s strategy of “using the past to inspire the future,” marks a serious effort to find a new way to grab a bit of audience back from Under Armour, which overtook adidas in America back in 2015. Both still lag significantly behind Nike.

It isn’t the worst time for adidas to be pushing its Originals line, which is focused on casual sportswear. “With the accelerating casualness of everyday wardrobes, the adoption of sportswear as everyday attire will remain a trend, and consumers will wear sports apparel and footwear for various activities, including going to the gym, going out to social gatherings and running errands,” EuroMonitor reports. “The collision of fashion and function, as well as the expected strong growth of the category, will continue to bring new players to the market.”

adidas is hoping that this effort—along with West’s Yeezy line of shoes and the company’s NHL sponsorship—can keep it on the feet, hips and shoulders of some of America’s top celebs. The brand released a short Originals film last month, but the great piece of art adidas continues to work on isn’t necessarily its product so much as the ability to keep re-inventing itself. And when it comes to that, the work is truly never done.


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