MWC17: Facebook Tops Mobile-Ready Survey, CPG/FMCG Brand Reveals


Oral B Genius Toothbrush

A new IPG Mediabrands’ Ansible and YouGov study on the most mobile-ready brands has been released at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona.

The global MDEX study, powered by Google, analyzed 2,000 brands across 15 countries, and against 60 separate criteria including discoverability, user experience, mobile optimization, navigation, content and the ability to drive desired actions.

Facebook scored top spot, with Amazon, 7-Eleven, Hyundai, Microsoft, Nike, Google, Adidas, OLX 10 and Target rounding out the top 10 ranking of mobile-ready brands.

MDEX YouGov Survey

“The purpose of the MDEX is not to show winners and losers, or to focus on absolute rankings,” said Ansible global CEO Travis Johnson. “It is designed to show areas of strength and potential improvement, enabling you to measure your brands performance within its industry category and beyond.”

Mobile optimization and speed remain a challenge for most brands. As reported by Campaign Live, the survey notes: “Mobile sites that load in five seconds earn up to two-times more mobile ad revenue than sites that load in 19 seconds.”

Each of the brands in the top 10 scored high in “ability to drive desired actions” category. “This suggests that brands must seek new ways to innovate and optimise these critically important steps to better facilitate and enable user engagement,” concluded the report.

Beyond brushing up on being mobile-ready, today’s CPG/FMCG brands must innovate to engage consumers, as this year’s MWC demonstrates.

Oral B Genius Toothbrush

Procter & Gamble, for instance, is highlighting its latest smart toothbrush at MWC. The Oral-B Genius connected toothbrush helps people “brush like their dentist wants them to,” said global marketing director Stephen Squire to The Drum. Squire added that P&G is seeking third-party partnerships to help evolve its marketing strategy.

Analytics from the connected toothbrush include where users live, how long people brush and how many downloads of the apps. The Oral-B app encourages users to spend time on individual zone in their mouth and to brush away the blue coloring in each of the segments before moving on to the next.

Oral B Genius Toothbrush

The smart toothbrush is the “tip of the iceberg,” for Oral-B and P&G, said global head Michael Cohen-Dumani to Business Insider.

Olay, another P&G brand, is also previewing a new app at MWC. Olay Skin Advisor, rooted in artificial intelligence, is a first-of-its-kind app that uses deep learning to help women better understand their skin and find the right products.

Olay Skin Advisor

Skin Advisor uses selfies to analyze a woman’s current “skin age”—how young or old she looks—and which areas of her face are driving that age. After a short series of questions about skin concerns and product preferences, Skin Advisor delivers a personalized product regimen recommendation. The product hits the US mid-March.

Johnson & Johnson is cutting MWC through the noise with a little more empathy. “We have a new vector around empathy and how we think about communities in the digital age,” Debra Bass, president of global marketing services, told Campaign Live. “Empathy allows us to ignite a social movement for good.”

“We are living in an age of anxiety and mistrust,” she added. “What was once at the bottom of the hierarchy of needs of safety and trust and shelter and sleep is now of the upmost importance at the top of the pyramid.”

Johnson & Johnson Nod

So J&J created a “clinically proven routine” to help babies sleep better along with an app called Nod, so parents can “care and personalize more delightful sleep experiences.”

A separate initiative with its Listerine brand is a new app for visually impaired people to let them know when people are smiling at them. The app uses the phone’s camera to detect the smile then buzzes to notify the user.

Bass said: “That is a great example of going beyond than hawking bottles, jars, and tubes but leading with a greater sense of purpose and having mobile help people feel something.”


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