Tropicana Wants You To ‘Feel Like a Billion’ (and Try Probiotics)


Tropicana probiotics

It was a big move for Tropicana to introduce a line of juices including probiotic bacteria last fall, and the PepsiCo-owned brand now is underscoring the significance of the new line with a new marketing campaign: “Feel Like a Billion.”

Complete with a new TV spot as well as digital, social and in-store shopper marketing, Tropicana’s slogan plays on the fact that there are one billion live and active bacteria found inside each 8-ounce serving of Tropicana Probiotics.

The TV spot comically features a woman who, after taking a sip of the drink, feels so good—”like a billion”—she grabs her bag to head out the door, but quickly realizes she isn’t at all ready to do that.

Tropicana described the product line and the campaign as part of its effort to find new growth paths in “a notably challenged orange juice industry.” US sales of orange juice declined by 13 percent for the four years ended in 2015, according to Nielsen data, and Tropicana is the market leader.

“We know from consumer research that probiotics are experiencing significant growth across all categories,” Bjorn Bernemann, general manager for the Tropicana brand in North America, told brandchannel. “In our research we’ve seen that our consumer not only knows what probiotics are, but also knows that probiotics are good for their overall heath and wellbeing—and that they are looking for different and additional ways to incorporate probiotics into their routine.”

“The first to bring probiotics to 100% juice in the mainstream aisle, Tropicana’s “Feel Like a Billion” campaign celebrates the one billion live and active cultures found in each 8-oz serving of Tropicana Probiotics,” Tania Haladner, Senior Marketing Director at Tropicana, also commented. “The new 30- and 15-second spots along with digital, social, retail, and experiential elements of the integrated campaign introduce consumers to the delicious taste and probiotic benefits of the product in a clever and relatable way, backed by strong consumer and category insights.”

Tropicana Essential Probiotics is available in three flavors and contains no added sugar, preservatives or artificial flavors. Moreover, as Bernemann said, it brings probiotics more mainstream, adding to typical placements in yogurts, supplements and kombuchas.

Also, he said, the line is meant not to “compromise taste to the mainstream consumer. Tropicana is making that possible by providing probiotics in an easily accessible and affordable, 100-percent-juice product.”

To put Tropicana’s new line into context of its parent company’s other innovative “nutritious and functional beverages,” check out this comment to analysts on PepsiCo’s Feb. 15th quarterly earnings call:

“In 2016, we saw great momentum across our nutritious and functional beverages. Naked Juice is on its way to being our next $1 billion brand, while Tropicana launched Tropicana Essentials Probiotics, making it the first brand to bring probiotics to the mainstream juice consumer. Gatorade Frost exceeded $1 billion in measured retail sales, pushing Gatorade over a high watermark of $5 billion in measured retail sales. And our Russia team launched a new J7 apple juice that delivers all the fiber of a single apple in every glass.

At the same time, we grew our portfolio of healthier snacks with Quaker Breakfast Flats, a snack we plan to roll out in more than a dozen countries over the next two years. We are building on the success of Baked Lay’s by broadening our lineup of baked products. And we’re expanding Sabra, a brand that generates roughly $800 million in estimated annual retail sales. We are expanding it beyond hummus into a range of products, from guacamole and salsa to Greek yogurt dips and spreads.”