Brand News: SXSW Edition for Monday, March 13th


Google Levi's commuter project jacquard wearable tech

While brands are being more selective in their SXSW activations this year, they’re out in force in Austin, TX. Here’s a snapshot of brand happenings in the opening weekend:

Google unveiled  its Jacquard wearable tech jacket with Levi’s (above) on a panel on Sunday.

Hulu‘s on-site promo for The Handmaid’s Tale rattles attendees:

Amazon Air made its public debut:

Kuka‘s party trick: a robot that nails flipping bottles.

The Panasonic House was in full swing:

Intel is highlighting AI in its speaker series:

National Geographic channel is promoting its upcoming Genius TV series by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer with Basecamp, and activation that features augmented reality and panels:

Gawker founder Nick Denton hints at his next chapter — building a media brand for bots:

The future of food and drink was discussed and debated:

A photo filter parents will applaud:

And SXSW startups in perspective:

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