SXSW: Casper Offers Power Naps and $99 Hotel Rooms


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The biggest challenge for South By Southwest attendees every year — finding a place to stay, let alone an affordable place to stay. Casper, the New York-based purveyor of “the one perfect mattress” and related items, tackled this by partnering with the Standard Hotel’s One:Night app to take over the retro hip Austin Motel.

At 3 p.m. daily from March 10-14, the One:Night released 20 hotel rooms for the princely sum of $99 each, instead of Austin’s up to $1,250 per night room rate during SXSW.

Naturally, the rooms were outfitted with Casper mattresses, pillows and slippers—and even included car service by Tesla to ferry guests to and from the pop-up hospitality experience.

Expanding on last year’s Casper Nap Truck at SXSW, the brand also hosted free “refresh rooms” — a 45-minute break from South By that included milk and cookies, a phone-charging station, a warm shower and even an on-call “mom” to tuck you in and read you a story to help induce a power nap, or a VR headset loaded with Nap Simulator.

Completing the experience: Slippers and cold-brew coffee, two Casper dog beds for visitors with canine companions, branded pool mattresses and cocktails for those who wished to stick around a little longer.

The activation has been a hit. All of the rooms booked up within minutes on the first day of the activation, as Amar Lalvani, CEO and managing partner of The Standard International, told Adweek.

“As a company designed for the next-generation traveler, we’re excited to offer new ways for our guests to experience cities and events,” said Lalvani in a press release. “With like-minded partners, we plan to bring these immersive One Night experiences to more locations, questioning conventional expectations and moving beyond the traditional boundaries of hospitality.”

“At Casper, we work tirelessly to bring better sleep to all — including those at a hectic, non-stop festival,” said Casper co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Gabriel Flateman. “This collaboration celebrates imagination, the joy of bedtime and provides a much-needed respite that is as inventive as its attendees.”

Update: CNBC notes how Casper’s branded hotel saved the day when SXSW attendees flying back to their homes in the Northeast were stranded by flight cancellations due to winter storm Stella:

The promotion originally ran March 10 through 14, but when flight cancellations hit, the companies decided on a whim to extend the event. They also threw a party Tuesday night party for stranded attendees with rapper Warren G, who someone knew through a friend of a friend.

“I woke up with my flight to New York cancelled and all associated meetings missed,” said SXSW attendee Lex Kendall, founder and chief operating officer of high-tech bodega company The New Stand.

“The biggest pain of it all — I thought — was going to be finding an empty room in Austin during SXSW. But with the One:Night app, in two taps I immediately had a room for $99, paired with a stellar space at the Austin Motel, Casper mattress and pillows to sleep on and a dope event to attend the same night for all of us stranded New Yorkers. It was a lifesaver.”


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