Adobe Gives SXSW Attendees (and Imagine Dragons Fans) a Treat


Adobe Premiere Make the Cut Imagine Dragons video editing contest 2017

Adobe is having a busy week — its creative residents are presenting at SXSW Interactive, sharing insights from their residencies, while the Adobe XD team is on hand to share best practices in experience design.

To add to the fun, Adobe and Critical Mass, an experience design agency owned by Omnicom’s DAS group, hosted bike rides with the Adobe Cycling Club, inviting clients and participants from creative, tech and professional cycling realms, as Adweek noted.

Ben Rabner (Adobe’s head of experiential marketing, who runs the rides) and I have been friends and riding buddies for a long time,” Critical Mass Chief Creative Officer Conor Brady told brandchannel.

“There is a strong strain of riders in the creative community and the Adobe rides he does are a really unique way to meet like-minded people in the industry. It has gone from a group of friends at Cannes to all the major conferences around the world, with sponsorship and bikes for new riders.”

Adobe is also appealing to music and tech fans attending SXSW for the music, offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for an Imagine Dragons fan who’s eager to contribute their creativity to the band.

Adobe’s Make the Cut contest is giving fans access to raw music video footage of the hit band so they can edit their own video. One lucky participant whose submission wins over a panel of judges will receive credit (and $25,000) for editing the music video, from footage for the band’s new song, Believer.

Make the Cut” is part of Adobe’s celebration of the 25th anniversary of its video editing software, Premiere. Premiere Pro is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, a suite of video editing, graphic design and web development programs that have become the standard for the video production industry.

To participate in the contest, registered users will get a collection of random uncut video footage of the band. They will then have until April 8th to edit together a final music video for the song.

The submissions will be judged by Adobe CMO Ann Lewnes, original Believer video editor (and director) Matt Eastin, and a number of other top video pros such as Kendrick Lamar and Kanye video collaborator Vinnie Hobbs.

While the winner will receive $25,000, runner up prizes include one year of Creative Cloud and Adobe stock credits. It’s a challenge to create breakthrough messaging for a brand that, thanks to its core product, is as dominant as Adobe. Indeed, Adobe’s Photoshop program has become so dominant that it is on the verge of crossing into the realm of generic trademarks alongside Velcro, Escalator and Band-Aid.

Imagine Dragons has another digital campaign to support the release of its latest track.

The band’s record label, Interscope Records, today debuted a digital, interactive campaign that points to a new trend in music—where artists must extend the life of a single, like “Believer,” so that digital streams last months, rather than days or weeks.

The website looks like a fake news site, but once the creative loads you can interact with it.

The creative brings the single’s artwork to life, and you can listen to 20 seconds of the song and click through to hear the entire song on Spotify. It also provides the option to take a selfie with a frame where consumers can tag their “beliefs” and then share the photo on Facebook or Twitter.

The campaign will be viewable on desktop and mobile versions of MTV, VH1, UPROXX, Refinery29 and other sites. The first flight will run for 30 days, with a Facebook retargeting aspect to the campaign. The ad also will live on a landing page on the band’s official site.


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