Tapping La La Land’s Choreographer, VCF is ‘Made to Mix’


Value City Furniture ad La La Land

If an ad for a bedroom set reminds you of a recent hit Hollywood musical, there’s a good reason for that. The latest campaign by VCF Value City Furniture was shaped by the choreographer of the Oscar-winning film La La Land. The razzmatazz is aimed at connecting the “made to mix” message with a generation of daring DIY interior designers.

In three spots (watch below) with song and dance themes, peppy performers prance around a living area, jumping and jiving alongside VCF’s stylish range of furniture. The ads were choreographed by La La Land‘s Mandy Moore for the Columbus, Ohio-headquartered furniture retailer.

Value City Furniture ad La La Land

La La Land’s influence is certainly visible in the three ads, which are one part music video, one part furniture lookbook. That’s as intended, says the brand.

“We love the whimsical nature of the musical approach and feel it’s up-to-date, fun, and relatable—think La La Land,” Scott Binger, EVP Marketing & Branding, American Signature, Inc., told brandchannel. Ohio-based American Signature, Inc. is Value City Furniture’s parent.


There is a good reason that a “Make it You” personalization message is at the core of VCF’s new message. Personalizing furniture choices was identified as a key to the future of furniture by none other than IKEA.

“Our brand is inspired by the customer’s desire to personalize their homes.” said Binger. “So the lyrical tune with the highly-charged visuals mix together a story of how our heroine combines her favorite styles—piecing together her dream room and then making it a reality through our ‘Made to Mix’ furniture.”

VCF furniture ad La La Land below

Another good reason for the brand’s, ahem, change in tune is the demographic shift in the furniture market. In the last few years, Baby Boomer spending on furniture has crashed from over $17 billion to just $3 billion. At the same time, millennials more than doubled their furniture spending to $27 billion.

Check out VCF’s new ad campaign below: