With Snaplications, McDonald’s Tests Hiring by Snapchat


McDonald's Snapchat Snaplication Australia

McDonald’s has tested innovations in Australia over the years. From “Create Your Taste” DIY digital ordering kiosks to new McCafé concepts, Macca’s (as it’s known, and was briefly called, Down Under) has been a testbed of creative ideas that McDonald’s corporate HQ and other markets pays attention to.

Now McDonald’s Australia is using teens’ favorite hangout, Snapchat, to find new employees. With a novel Snapchat recruitment drive it’s calling Snaplications, McDonald’s has found a way to get new employees through its short-lived posts.

“We’re the largest employer of youth in the country, so we’re trying to look for new and innovative ways to recruit crew people,” McDonald’s Australia COO Shaun Ruming (who turned to his 14-year-old daughter for a tutorial) told News.com.au. “We’re looking for that positivity, bubbly personality, someone we think would be good in a customer service role.”

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McDonald’s doesn’t have any firm targets for its latest Snapchat campaign. “When we first started talking about it that was one of my questions — how much are we trying to drive recruitment?” Ruming added.

In promoting McDonald’s as a fun part-time job and future career, potential employees can use a special Snapchat filter to take a picture of themselves in a a McDonald’s uniform, write a short comment about why they’re excited about the opportunity, and then to send a 10-second application snap to @Maccas (its Snapchat handle). The company then sends the applicant a link to its career site for more thorough information to be uploaded.

“For young people who apply to McDonald’s, it’s normally their first job,” Mark Wheeler, McDonald’s digital director in Australia, told Mashable. “Really, when we’re assessing the opportunity for them to come and join our 100,000 crew base, we’re really looking at attitude and enthusiasm. I think within 10 seconds, we can get that across.”

Maccas experimented with its “Snaplications” for 24 hours this past Friday, but its success may inspire the company to extend the program. It isn’t the first brand to use the social media site for recruiting. JPMorgan looked for new employees last year on Snapchat by running ads on Snapchat’s “Graduation Live Story” and on 80 Campus stories and Discover channels, Business Insider notes. (In a sidenote, youth voters in Scotland are being wooed via Snapchat this week too.)

Facebook uses technology in a different way in the hiring process. It allows users to apply for jobs at its company with pre-filled applications that uses the applicants’ own Facebook data. The brand has “opened up the feature this year to other companies in the U.S. and Canada, with restaurants, nail salons and grocery stores making up many of the prospective employers,” Moneyish reports.

McDonald’s Australia has run other Snapchat campaigns since joining in 2014, including creating a burger-and-fries lens that more than half of the four million Snapchat users in Australia has used at one time or another.

McDonald’s isn’t the only Aussie fast-food brand getting innovative with technology, either. Domino’s is testing driverless robot deliveries (DRU) and voice-activated, Siri-style ordering so customers can simply say their orders into their phones and then show up to pick up their pies.

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