Brand News: 10 Things You Need to Know for Tuesday, April 18


McDonald's Mindy Kaling unbranded Google ad campaign

The latest branding news and views:

McDonald’s U.S. releases unbranded ad campaign starring Mindy Kaling that challenge customers to Google “that place where Coke tastes so good.”

Apple co-founder Wozniak sees Apple, Google and Facebook around in 2075.

Facebook murder shows cracks in its ability to screen graphic content as comScore expands partnership and F8 developers conference gets underway.

Gucci features all-black models in new campaign, a first for a luxury brand.

Instagram adds Pinterest-like feature to save posts in collections.

Mizuno, a Japanese sporting goods giant, opens first U.S. store.

Netflix, nearing 100 million subscribers, will spend $1 billion on marketing in 2017 to spur growth.

Snap stock falls after founder’s alleged comments create backlash in India.

Walmart promotes Fight Hunger campaign:

Weetabix sold to America’s Post Holdings for $1.76B after failing in China.

& Skift reports that China’s luxury travel business is booming.

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