Pop Your Bubble: KIND Snacks Hopes to Open Minds, Promote Kindness


KIND Snacks / Pop Your Bubble

KIND Healthy Snacks, true to its name, this week kicks off a campaign to make people’s Facebook feeds more open-minded—and thus help people become more empathetic and, yes, kind.

The KIND Foundation, established to foster kinder and more empathetic communities, is launching what it’s calling “Pop Your Bubble” to connect Facebook users with people whose views are different from their own.

Why? The social campaign follows its research study underscores our tendency to surround ourselves with likeminded people and ideas, with only one-in-five adults regularly seeking out friends who have different perspectives.

The research findings also confirm the severity of our “filter bubbles” and the extent to which algorithms dictate what we see or don’t see online, with a mere 5% of adults seeing social media posts that differ greatly from their world view.

While most algorithms suggest familiar content based on past activities and interests, Pop Your Bubble surfaces people whose activities are least like their own. U.S. Facebook users who are at least 18-years-old can get started by clicking here.

The tool matches users with those who differ across key demographics and have a history of dissimilar content. Users are prompted to follow at least 10 new people whose posts will then appear in their feed. One step further and users can add their profile and allow future users to follow them.

“The polarization we’ve been witnessing over the last few years–and in an accelerated fashion over the last few months–prompted this initiative,” stated Daniel Lubetzky, President of The KIND Foundation and Founder and CEO of KIND Snacks.

“People are having difficulty being exposed to other perspectives, let alone being able to see the world through a different prism. We’re hopeful that those who use our tool will develop greater empathy towards one another—something we believe is critical to uniting our country and strengthening our world.”

The KIND/Morning Consult study found that only one in five adults regularly seek out friends who have different perspectives. This in turn confirms the severity of our “filter bubbles” and leads to just 5% of adults seeing social media posts that differ greatly from their world view.

Despite politics being front and center in American’s national discourse, Morning Consult found that most people don’t consider “political party” a top trait in defining themselves.

“In fact, only 5% of adults identify primarily as members of their political party, with the overwhelming majority identifying first as friends, spouses or partners, and parents. A higher percentage of people define themselves as fans of a sports team, citizens of a state, and even in terms of their favorite hobbies before Democrats or Republicans. Increased exposure to the various aspects of other people’s lives may help increase empathy and bridge divides.”


“In developing the Pop Your Bubble algorithm, we took into account a variety of factors that shape someone’s point of view, including where they live, when they were born and the information they choose to subscribe to,” said Elle Lanning, an advisor to The KIND Foundation.

“Using the tool may prove uncomfortable for some, as they will be confronted with ideas and opinions that diverge from their own. But we’re hopeful that with that discomfort comes an opportunity for greater understanding.”

Since 2004, the New York-based KIND has aimed to make the world kinder one snack and act at a time, and to that end created the KIND Foundation.

“Our aspiration is to defy a lot of the conventional wisdom of what a company can be, and yet at the same time we have to deal with the legal structure of being a company,” Lubetzky told us last year.  “A company has restrictions on what it can do, even a socially conscious company. Now we can still do work through the brand but also focus on philanthropic efforts that are synergistic with our mission yet separate and focused. We want to be able to stretch or push the boundaries of what a company can do for the social good without having to obsess or worry about whether it’s going to help us sell more or not sell more.”

On April 20th, join KIND for its first Facebook Live session where it will highlight its research and share more insights as a catalyst for change.


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