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Dos Equis is bringing back its new Most Interesting Man for Cinco de Mayo 2017. It’s the first time for the new spokesman since the brand blasted the old Most Interesting Man to Mars last year and then revealed his replacement in September with a follow-up spot in October.

Now Dos Equis says it wants to use the popular holiday to encourage revelers to “trade in their sombreros and maracas” and celebrate a little more adventurously and in-depth.

“Attending his Cinco de Mayo party requires signing a release form,” says Dos Equis about its spokesman. The new campaign translates “Stay thirsty my friends” into Spanish, uses the motto “Spice Up Your Cinco” and is one part of the brand’s multi-pronged campaign around the holiday. In fact, all the new Most Interesting ads end with “Stay thirsty, mis amigos” so it’s not just a nod to Cinco de Mayo.

Dos Equis 2017 Cinco de Mayo Old Town Los Angeles

The brand is holding a contest to send one fan to its Dos Equis Brewery in Mexico. On April 27, the brand has enlisted music star Questlove to DJ its “Mercado XX” Cinco de Mayo party in New York. And once again, Dos Equis is sponsoring Cinco de Mayo events such as the Fiesta Old Town in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, the new Most Interesting Man, played by actor Augustin Legrand, has been spotted out on the town in New York with Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend—of course.

Naturally, in years gone by, the Most Interesting Man character has been the face of Dos Equis Cinco de Mayo campaigns. Most recently, the brand punned on the holiday, telling consumers to “not rush into Cinco” and “start with Dos.”

The new Cinco message from the brand is a little more sincere and, in line with what we have noted before, a bit more egalitarian. Instead of the babe-on-both-arms silver-haired foxy Most Interesting Man that Jonathan Goldsmith made famous, Legrand’s Interesting Man meets his match in a woman compadre.

Dos Equis new most interesting man in the world

Fascinated with the how a brand manages a switch of such a monumentally well-known face and a transitionary message about a popular holiday, we checked in with Andrew Katz, VP of Marketing for the Dos Equis brand at Heineken.

AKatz Headshot 2016

brandchannel: How is the new Most Interesting Man in the World settling in at Dos Equis?

Andrew Katz: With any transition, there will always be the few who are hesitant to the change, but we’ve found that consumers are genuinely curious to learn more about his story and legend, which we’ll continue to build over time.

bc: How was the introduction of Augustin Legrand received by fans used to Jonathan Goldsmith playing the role for a decade?

Katz: The September reveal of the Most Interesting Man in the World and the launch of the new commercial in October created a momentum for the brand, which resulted in November 2016 being the brand’s best month of sales in two years!

bc: That’s great. Can you elaborate?

Katz: Dos Equis has sustained momentum throughout the campaign transition too, and has seen growth with its potential purchase audiences, especially with Hispanics 21-34 and women. Both segments are talking more about the Dos Equis brand and our beer, which we know creates deeper connections that drive repeat purchase and favorability for the short and long term.

Dos Equis new Most Interesting Man Cinco de Mayo

bc:  Was this year’s Cinco de Mayo message in any way affected by the U.S. political climate?

Katz: The creative concept for “Spice Up Your Cinco” was developed after we wrapped Cinco de Mayo last year. We are proud of our unique & interesting heritage and our high-end cerveza.

bc: You note that Dos Equis is aiming to convince revelers to “trade in their sombreros and maracas.” Does the brand hope to transform the holiday into something a little more than the amusement park take on Mexican culture that it’s generally been in most of the U.S.?

Katz: This year, Dos Equis celebrates its 120th anniversary and we’re sharing our heritage and the Mexican spice of life to encourage our fans to seek the adventurous side of the holiday. We’re elevating the consumer experience to take their preconceived notion of Cinco to the next level, by offering a grand prize trip to Mexico and a private tour of the Dos Equis brewery, and a pre-Cinco de Mayo celebration in New York City with DJ Questlove.

As the arbiters of “interesting,” Dos Equis continuously encourages our drinkers to look beyond what’s expected and search for interesting experiences to elevate their celebrations.

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