GE Theater Expands With ‘In The Wild’ Digital Series


GE In The Wild series 2017 YouTube Adam Savage

GE Theater, General Electrics iconic branded entertainment franchise which relaunched in 2015 with its popular first podcast, is adding to its repertoire with a new digital video series transporting viewers to the frontiers of bringing sci fi-like technology from its labs and testing facilities to the world.

Following its Unimpossible Missions series as the latest venture in its wide-ranging branded content marketing, the original nine-part digital series, GE In The Wild, brings back popular host Adam Savage. The project gives the public an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at world-changing industrial innovation through the eyes of the engineers and scientists on the front line, with new episodes dropping Fridays on its YouTube channel.

Up first? Additive manufacturing, which GE is investing in at its new Center for Additive Technology Advancement in Pittsburgh, which looks like the set of a Stanley Kubrick film and is helping advance additive manufacturing technologies such as industrial-scale 3D printing across its businesses, including making parts for jet engines and wind turbines.

The series demystifies and explains what GE does and how it applies in the real world, so not only what it produces but why it matters, and how the company’s innovations are improving what’s possible in the real world at airports, shipping ports and beyond.

Developed by GE’s in-house content studio, The Grid, and produced in partnership with IMG, viewers have access to the people and product behind industrial scale 3D printing, next generation jet engines and software enabled cargo shipping.

GE In The Wild episode 2 Chachi Roble

Co-hosted by Savage and CBS science correspondent Alie Ward of Innovation Nation, GE In The Wild showcases advancements in GE’s energy, healthcare and transportation businesses.

Kelly Donahue, GE’s Associate Director of Global Content and Programming, told brandchannel, “Our hosts are the ambassadors, pulling the curtain back on the pretty incredible industrial transformation that’s happening across the world. Each episode introduces new, cutting-edge technologies and the GE engineers behind them.”

GE In The Wild - Adam Savage - 2017 - ep. 2

“I’ve always been obsessed with peeking behind the curtain and seeing how things really work, both big and small,” Savage commented in a press release. “GE gave us unbelievable access to their facilities and to their fantastic people. I could have spent another week at every single location. I also love that we get to tell a story of the ingenuity and innovation across so many different fields.”

Future episodes will introduce employees who’ve named their machines after X-Men characters and one woman who used science to make a wedding band. Every episode will be set in a different location, like an offshore GE oil and gas facility or a commercial airline hangar where GE tests its GE9X airplane engines.

“At GE, we’re constantly innovating to make the world better,” GE Chief Marketing Officer Linda Boff commented. “GE In The Wild pairs information and entertainment to celebrate the amazing work that GE employees and our customers are doing every day.”

It’s yet another fresh spin on content marketing by GE and a reminder of how essential its industrial technologies are to our everyday lives—and of the brand’s commitment to engaging consumers in its world of real-life superheroes and brainiacs.