Budweiser Calls Itself “America” (Again) on Memorial Day


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The Budweiser brand is once again touting its love for America this Memorial Day.

Budweiser, owner of maybe the most iconic can design in American beer history, has, of late, been messing with itself. A year ago, Bud renamed itselfAmerica” for Memorial Day — a marketing stunt so over the top that it’s hard to think of another American brand with the cojones to try it. (McDonald’s Australia came close by temporarily rebranding as “Maccas” in 2013, the popular slang term for the brand.)

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Now, Bud is wrapping its brand in patriotism—and its can in camouflage—again, and it’s all for a good cause.

For Memorial Day 2017—a holiday that sees no small amount of beer drinking—Budweiser is once again (temporarily) rebranding as “America” and partnering with Folds of Honor, an organization committed to providing educational scholarships to families of fallen and disabled soldiers.

This year, for every purchase of one of Bud’s “America” bottles—in traditional red and white or camouflage—the beer maker will make a donation to Folds of Honor up to $1 million. It’s the sixth consecutive year Bud has worked with the charity to help fund scholarships for families of fallen and wounded soldiers. (The hashtag to share this on social media: #ThisBudsForYou.)

The limited time aluminum camouflage-themed bottle packaging has some special details as well. Look close and drinkers will see a letter of gratitude in place of its brand’s usual credo; the lyrics from the US national anthem; and “E Pluribus Unum” or “out of many, one.”

The base also includes a toast meant for all veterans, especially Anheuser-Busch’s own veteran workforce, in a reminder that the beer is brewed by vets for vets.

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But the Memorial Day bottles won’t be the only special Bud cans on the shelf at the store. The brand has extended its popular #MyTeamCan packaging from the NFL season into MLB season.

Appealing to baseball fans, Bud says its designs bring “to life the true ambition and personality of each team and its hometown, featuring some of the most iconic elements of each city, like the palm trees in Los Angeles to the Gateway Arch in Budweiser’s hometown of St. Louis.”