‘Genius’ Marketing: National Geographic’s Streaming Film Festival


National Geographic Genius film festival Sam Spiegel Instrument

The National Geographic Channel is launching a film festival. However, instead of waiting in line at Cannes or Toronto to catch it, anyone can attend online.

The film festival — dubbed “10 Days of Genius” — is supporting its hit Einstein biopic series, Genius, to not only drive viewership but also celebrate and extend the creative halo of its primary subject.

A new short film will debut each day, inspired by the story and imagination of Albert Einstein himself.

The first two short films, The Instrument and The Mirror, were directed and scored by composer and producer Sam Spiegel, and will be followed by eight additional shorts.

The films were created by members of the Tongal crowdsourced filmmaking community—showcasing the fresh talent of up and coming directors.

Nat Geo’s curated series takes unexpected creative spins on Einstein, from dance and drama to comedy and animation.

National Geographic Channel Genius film festival

The goal is to engage viewers with additional content and provide a unique look into the fascinating character and influence of Einstein as both a scientist and public figure.

The short film series will be released for 10 days daily at 11am EST from May 30 at National Geographic’s website, as well as YouTube, cable Video On Demand channels and Facebook.

This is NGC agency partner’s Pereira & O’Dell’s first time creating supplemental video content for a network original series, but marks an interesting branded entertainment partnership to create content that stands on its own—rather than being primarily promotional—to attract viewers and attention.

The National Geographic Channel continues with new episodes of Genius every Tuesday at 9/8c.