Brazil’s Nestlé Molico Explores ‘Humanity’ in Short Film Series



In a major storytelling and branded entertainment effort, Nestlé Molico in Brazil has produced and launched 12 short black and white documentary films with real people telling their stories. The theme presents a debate about humanity, and values frequently considered “feminine” in the modern society.

The topic arose following a research study that found Brazilians consider the values of understanding, caring, listening, trusting, sheltering and sensitivity as essential to being human—today, more than ever.

Nestle Molico humanity film series

The series of 12 short films, “Humanity [In Me],” was produced for the CPG giant by the ASAS International Collective of Storydoers, directed by Paula Trabulsi, script by Monica Waldvogel and with Patrícia Weiss as executive producer and Branded Content Consultant.

“We wanted to present authentic narratives based on humanistic stories that create value for people, thus unfolding the brand’s purpose —Embrace the feminine as a way to move humanity forward—and meeting what is really significant for its audience,” Weiss stated.

“Around these 12 stories, Molico opens room for a relevant territory of conversation that affects the human being, regardless of gender, because never before it was so important to evoke the feminine values that inhabit all of us.”

“The Humanity [in Me]” series aims to spark conversations about #OValorDoFeminino (feminine values). The series kicked off last summer followed by an open public debate at the Caixa Belas Artes cinema in São Paulo and continues to find life on new platforms.

The 12 films have been screened in theatres, online, and a 27 minute film from the five main stories will air on GNT, a Brazilian cable TV channel oriented to subjects of interest of the feminine universe. It has also been promoted on Instagram.

Molico was launched by Nestlé in the Brazilian market in 1959 and quickly achieved a lead position in the nonfat powdered milk market in Brazil, a position still true today.

In 1998, the brand entered the yogurt market, followed by a 2009 launch of its UHT version. In 2010, it introduced in the market the Molico “TotalCálcio” – a diversified line of products developed to supply 100% of the daily calcium intake requirements (1000g/day) to an adult that consumed only two servings of any of the products of the line.

Nestlé is the world’s leading company in Nutrition, Health and Wellness, with operations in 194 countries and factories in 86. Nestlé Brazil and its affiliates are present in 99% of the Brazilian households according to a Kantar World panel survey.


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