LIFEWTR Boosts Women Artists with Limited Edition Bottles


PepsiCo LIFEWTR series 2 women artists

PepsiCo-owned LIFEWTR is celebrating diversity, equal opportunities and women in the arts to engage consumers and rev up its marketing traction as the crucial summer season begins. Its eye-catching new bottles also represents another step in the evolution of beverage brands using their packaging as canvases for added interest and even customization in ways that keep consumers coming back to the brand and looking for the latest.

The premium bottled water from PepsiCo has just rolled out its latest design series in the initiative that features “bold and abstract designs from all female artists” in its Series 2 bottle labels. With about 20 million bottle labels expected to hit store shelves over the next several months, these artists “will have an exceptional platform to be discovered and provide inspiration to all,” the company said.

LIFEWTR already has been changing its labels several times a year, with “each series [supporting] a culturally relevant theme,” the brand said. Series 1 featured designs from emerging artists in the public art space, and Series 2 in general features American and UK artists.

The brand noted that while more than half of today’s visual artists are women, their work makes up only less than five percent of major permanent collections in the US and Europe.

“We’re proud that the LIFEWTR Series 2 labels will feature designs made by some of today’s most talented emerging female artists,” said Todd Kaplan, vice president of the water portfolio for PepsiCo North America Beverages. “We admire the fact that these women are a diverse group of innovative thinkers—contributing unique and fresh forms to the art world.”

The featured artists are Trudy Benson, based in New York and known for her large-scale abstract paintings that utilize textures, shapes and bold colors; Lynnie Z, whose distinctive style involves what LIFEWTR called “Mysterious characters”; and Adrienne Gaither, whose work “explores identity and imagination through painting and installations” in “attempts to challenge ideologies that perpetuate hierarchical structures.” That’s some heavy food for thought—with a stylish new beverage to wash it down with, of course. Take a closer look below.


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