Quicken Loans’ New CMO Fires Up Rocket Mortgage


Quicken Loans Rocket Mortgage Sarah is Confident ad 2017

Rocket Mortgage streaked into existence a few years ago just as the US housing market was picking up again, thanks to millennial buyers. Then the Quicken Loans-owed brand splashed a broad-scale introduction of its simple internet-based mortgage-application process via a Super Bowl commercial last year.

Now, Rocket Mortgage has launched “Mortgage Confidently” — a new, fully integrated campaign around the idea of instilling confidence in would-be mortgage applicants. The tagline: “Apply Simply. Understand Fully. Mortgage Confidently.”

Rocket Mortgage Sarah is Confident ad

The new spots are running on TV, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. They depict people with a wide range of talents and reasons for confidence—a robot-building school teacher, a championship-winning football coach, a mom who has and “does it all”—who nevertheless freeze up at the prospect of having to apply for a mortgage.

The answer, of course? Quicken’s Rocket Mortgage product, which positions itself as a simpler mortgage experience that helps buyers understand the full details of their mortgage decisions and empower them to feel confident with their choices.

In one spot (watch more below), pro golfer Rickie Fowler is confident in his abilities on the golf course and while painting at home, but it wasn’t until he discovered Rocket Mortgage from Quicken Loans that he was confident in his ability to understand mortgages.

Launching in the first 100 days of being its new CMO, the new campaign is the first one at Rocket that Casey Hurbis is launching, tipping it off during the NBA Playoffs on ABC on Wednesday night.

Casey Hurbis“You can be confident in everything that you do in life, at home and at work, but when it comes to those big life decisions they can be intimidating,” Hurbis, the chief marketing officer for America’s No. 2 home lender since April, told brandchannel.

“That’s a very good insight into the home-buying experience. We’ve got that solution where we can help mitigate lack of confidence or fear by offering products and services that demystify and uncomplicate the home-buying process via Rocket Mortgage.”

“Or if they want to have that one-to-one client experience [via phone or online with a company rep], they can have that; it’s the best of all worlds. We all expect Amazon Prime in every area of life. You can do ours online but there’s beauty in our back-end support with the one-to-one client experience.”

The Super Bowl ad in 2016 elevated the new Rocket brand, although some on social media actually criticized the fact that Rocket was making it so easy to apply for mortgages, fearing echoes of the subprime-mortgage disaster of the previous decade.

“In the Super Bowl you want to create conversation,” Hurbis commented. “It took a lot of courage for Rocket Mortgage to launch the brand and product in front of 120 million people. So it created conversation.”

Hurbis had joined Quicken from Fiat Chrysler Automotive, where he most recently led North American Brand Communications and Advertising at FIAT, where he reintroduced the FIAT brand to the US market after more than a quarter century of absence.

His arrival at Quicken roughly coincided with Rocket’s phaseout of its “Blastoff!” campaign that began with the 2016 Super Bowl ad.

“That campaign ran its course after 15-plus months,” he said. “The evolution of understanding the consumer insight—and as Rocket Mortgage’s product and experience have matured—have resulted in the next phase in the storytelling: There are ways to mitigate the sense of tension or angst or confusion that people feel” in applying for a mortgage.

Below, more spots in the new Mortgage Confidently campaign: