TD Plumps Up Iconic Green Chair With ‘Ready For You’ Campaign


TD Canada green chair

The Toronto-Dominion Bank is updating its brand message to help Canadians feel more confident about their financial future with TD Canada as their trusted financial advistor.

The iconic green chair that has defined TD’s commitment to ‘comfortable banking’ for over 17 years is being replaced with a new brand platform and campaign, “Ready.” The new messaging is literally underlined in ads with the new tagline’s welcoming words, “Ready for you.”

TD Canada bank Ready green chair

“It’s about helping our customers be ready for everything that life brings their way,” stated TD Canada EVP and Chief Marketing Officer Theresa McLaughlin. “Our new green chair is more modern and confident. It represents TD’s commitment to personalized experience and advice. To helping our customers understand their money and be ready for everything life throws their way.”

The “Ready for you” tagline underscores TD’s readiness to offer personal solutions as the year-long rebranding process found that 79 per cent of Canadians don’t feel confident about their financial future

While its real-life green chair is getting a makeover that will be rolled out to its TD Canada Trust banking locations across Canada, a new TV spot will feature a series of chairs, including a baby’s bike carrier, a drummer’s stool, a café seat and living-room armchairs to promote the idea that TD offers flexible financial services as the banking industry strives to compete with new technologies changing the fundamental banking process.

“The world is changing,” said McLaughlin, who joined as TD’s CMO last year, to the Globe & Mail.  “We did ask ourselves, does this chair still make sense, using this physical item? How do we evolve that message to what consumers are looking for in the future? We believe that consumers are looking for a lean-in version of comfort.”

The more contemporary chair is less bulky and overstuffed, with squared rather than round edges. “In the past, the chair represented physical comfort. … We are calling this our virtual chair,” said McLaughlin.

The chair is custom-made for the bank and there are about 100 of them in the market as part of branch decoration and sponsorships, including at Toronto’s Rogers Centre and onstage at the Junos. New versions of the chair — a modern angular take on its “comfy” curvy club chair design, seen in a 2010 campaign below — are in production to replace all the old ones.

TD bank comfy green chair 2010

Two-thirds of Canadians recognize the green chair for its association with TD even without a brand name or logo, a milestone in a financial-services marketing “sea of sameness,” she added.

“While the chair is still a physical icon, it’s now standing much more for financial confidence,” McLaughlin said.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, TD has more than 80,000 employees in offices worldwide serving more than 25 million customers in Canadian Retail, US Retail and Wholesale Banking including TD Securities. TD has approximately 11.5 million active online and mobile customers.


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