Dell Technologies: Digital Transformation Takes More Than Magic


Dell fairy godmother

Dell Technologies understands that digital transformation is sweeping global business, carrying successful companies along in its wake—and slamming those leaders who don’t know how to leverage data analytics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of things—even drones.

Dell Elves

So in its latest B2B campaign, Dell pokes fun at the idea that such digital shifts can just sort of organically happen inside companies and underscores the role that its collective skills and capabilities can have in helping make digital transformation happen.

Dell Genie ad

Everyone thinks digital transformation in companies just magically happens. Like devices just start instantly talking to each other and cloud infrastructures appear out of thin air, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. It takes hard work, dedication and really smart people to get it all done. And it’s what Dell Technologies does every day.

The company’s new video series humorously proves its point. In each scenario, a powerful, magical being (or beings) has been hired by a business to make digital transformation happen. Unfortunately, in each case, their formidable powers prove thoroughly ineffective at getting the job done.

In “Fairy Godmother,” a most unpleasant one gets the axe at a company because, as one employee puts it, “she didn’t have what it takes to make digital transformation happen.” The ad’s tagline: “Magic can’t make digital transformation happen. But we can.”

And in “Santa’sElves,” Saint Nick’s little helpers—who Santa hires out to moonlight as office temps in the off-season—are spreading their pixie dust all over an office but, yet again, can’t use their magic to get the job done.

Finally, “Genie,” in which “All the wishes in the world can’t make digital transformation happen.” The kicker to all three spots: “Let Dell Technologies Learn More.”

The Dell team (who worked with Y&R) behind the campaign included CMO Jeremy Burton, SVP Global Brand and Creative Liz Matthews and Director Brand Strategy and Advertising Rachael Henke.

Dell Technologies has been through its own transformation this past year. It launched in September as an amalgamation of seven companies: Dell, Dell EMC, VMware, RSA, Pivotal, Secureworks and Virtustream.

The tagline of its launch video, below: “The sky is no longer the limit.”