Making Moments Matter: 5 Questions With Outcome Health President & Co-Founder Shradha Agarwal


Shradha Agarwal

As healthcare technology company Outcome Health evolved its business into the robust “moment of care” platform it is today, the company realized it also needed to advance industry and customer perceptions. To highlight a new position in the market and to connect its identity to its purpose, Outcome Health reimagined its brand to bring focus to its mission of activating the best health outcome possible for every person in the world.

Outcome Health

In January Outcome Health (formerly ContextMedia) unveiled its new name and brand identity to reflect the company’s purpose, role in the healthcare ecosystem and core brand idea: Activate Good. The reinvention of the Outcome Health identity set the stage for exciting growth and visibility, including its first institutional investment round, which valued the Chicago-based, privately held company at over $5 billion.

President and Co-Founder Shradha Agarwal will be at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity as a Lions Health speaker this weekend on the InterbrandHealth-hosted panel, “The Creative Future of Healthcare.” We caught up with her before she took off for Cannes to dig deeper into the Outcome Health brand and mission.

brandchannel: What inspired you to work in the healthcare industry, and what makes your focus on outcomes different?

Shradha Agarwal: Many industries have benefitted from technology in the past couple of decades but some important ones, like healthcare, haven’t—yet. We had a passion for bringing actionable information and healthcare intelligence through technology and the commitment to healthcare was through personal experiences.

Rishi, my co-founder, and I have had family members living with a chronic condition and through their journey, we learned that the most significant moments in care are the times a patient and physician are together to make critical decisions about the patient’s treatment plan.

Outcome HealthOur unique approach has been to align the definition of success for all sides of the healthcare equation: payers, healthcare products in the life sciences and medical devices industries, healthcare services like pharmacies and of course, providers and patients. The “nexus” in our brand identity was inspired by this idea – of developing an interconnected ecosystem through our platform that delivers measurable results for patients and demonstrates tangible improvement in their health outcomes.

BC: The idea of “activating good” can be applied to health in a lot of different ways. Which is your favorite and why? 

SA: We love the idea of engaging patients in their personal health journey through the stories of a peer group, connecting people to support communities, raising knowledge of health conditions and treatment options, catalyzing conversations between patients and physicians.

But ultimately, our favorite way of activating good in health is to change the trajectory of someone’s healthcare journey in a positive direction to improve the quality of their life. The way this happens in healthcare is through robust discussions and informed decisions made by physicians and patients as well as their caregivers. The way we internalize this brand idea at Outcome Health is through technologies that activate good decisions.

BC: You were heavily involved in the rebranding effort. What was the most important thing that you learned during the process? 

SA: First, naming a company is not an easy endeavor. We looked at hundreds of names and carefully thought about each one. We wanted a name that conveyed our mission, our personality, our values, that was authentic and meaningful, yet simple and clear.

We partnered with InterbrandHealth, who was a true partner in guiding us through a thoughtful and thorough process. We learned that one of the most important components of a rebrand is alignment, both internally and externally. InterbrandHealth spent time understanding who we are and reflected multiple voices of expression throughout our organization. This helped our new brand be a representation of the value that our customers, our employees and partners were attributing to us.

This was our most important realization—that a rebranding has to be true to who we are and be unique to us. There’s no formula for success but it has to make sense and feel right for your organization and industry.

BC: How has the new brand identity inspired the business? 

SA: The new brand has delivered fresh clarity to our business and accelerated our ability to align partners throughout the industry in a shared vision for improving patient outcomes through technology. It has given us unifying language for our teams and partners as well as a barometer of activating good as we prioritize investments and innovation opportunities in pursuit of our mission: activating the best health outcome possible for every person in the world.

SM: The company has been getting significant attention in the market lately and recently received substantial funding from key investors to accelerate your growth. What role did the new brand play in this milestone?

BC: We have been intentional about mission alignment with our new partners, including investors. The vision we have articulated is aspirational but also aligning, measurable as well as scalable. This has investors excited at the market opportunity to create impact globally.

Today we have a vision to bring high-impact technology into every consultation room in the world. There is widespread fragmentation across the healthcare ecosystem, but outcomes are what align everyone on—practices, payers, physicians, life sciences—to work together in service of better patient outcomes. This has resonated with investors as well as with partners, new and old.

As we think about our future and the accelerated momentum and growth that the funding gives us, I’m excited to see the Outcome Health brand work continue to pay off in pursuit of our mission.

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