Cannes Lions 2017: #CannesConnects Makes Networking Fun


Connected Creativity Cannes Lions 2017 smartband

As the 2017 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity gets underway, wearable tech is enhancing attendees’ experience this year: the Connect Band smartband and the Braindates app are both making networking easier and fun and blending the real world and digital in a way that underlines the shift in creativity that Cannes attendees are all grappling with.

Powered by e180 and sponsored by Accenture Interactive, the Braindates’ call to action: “Imagine… if you could pick anybody’s brain, what would you want to learn?” The peer-learning and networking service blends smart technology with in-person introductions to help like-minded people find each other during the Festival.

On the eve of Cannes Lions, there were more than 16,000 Braindates registered—and counting.

The steps to making a Braindate to meet up at the new Connections Beach:
1. Create your profile: Explain a bit about yourself and create ‘Offers & Requests’ for knowledge.
2. Book a Braindate: Explore other people’s offers, choose who you’d like to meet and get in touch to agree a time to meet.
3. Meet in person: Head down to the Connections Beach at the time you’ve arranged, where the Braindating matchmakers will introduce you to your ‘braindate.’

Enhancing Braindates, the ‘Connect Band’ smartband will be distributedto all delegates. They’re the simplest, fastest way to capture details of everyone you network with during the Festival. Download the Connect Band app, touch wristbands together and instantly share your name and contact details. No need to put down your glass of rosé to fumble for a pen or business card.

Jose Papa, Managing Director of Cannes Lions, said “Cannes Lions is all about driving ideas and fostering new partnerships and we’re delighted to be able to blend digital and real world connections with both Braindates and the Connect Band this year. It’s an opportunity for our global community to learn from each, be challenged and inspired – we can’t wait to get started.”

Anatoly Roytman, Head of EALA, Accenture Interactive, added “Cannes Lions welcomes thousands of the industry’s best and brightest and while many cite networking as a major reason for coming, the process can be overwhelming. Through the Connect Band and Braindates, we’re helping to remove barriers and connect people for meaningful conversations in a fun, easy to use way. We’re excited to be the Cannes Lions Connections Partner, helping to bring the industry together.”

Other Festival networking highlights include twice as many Cannes Lions ‘Meet Ups’ than in 2016. This year’s 24 Meet Ups are hosted by hand-picked industry experts, who facilitate conversations, generate ideas, and help make lasting connections. The series of curated networking sessions, themed around a particular area of interest, are a chance to connect with a global community focused on a common goal.