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Origins A Perfect World

Origins recently partnered with Instagram micro-influencers (real and un-retouched women, not models) to promote the expansion of its popular A Perfect World collection:

The influencers were asked to create content around small things that make the world a more perfect place for them and tag it with #MyPerfectWorld.

The #Origins Tribe includes Jess TranBella Banos, Jeanne GreyCourtney ScottClaire GeistMikaela KellySunita V and  Folasade.

The initiative, which began in March and ran through the end of April, includes a #MyPerfectWorld sweepstakes spearheaded by the Origins global Instagram account and supported by regional Origins channels.

Participants were asked to post a photograph or video finishing the sentence “My perfect world is full of…” on Instagram with the hashtags #MyPerfectWorld and #OriginsUSASweepstakes.

Each entry qualified for a chance to win Origins’ entire A Perfect World collection and for each entry, Origins will plant a tree in collaboration with Global ReLeaf (up to a maximum of 2,500 trees). After the sweepstakes, @Origins will comment on each Instagram entry alerting participants of their tree contribution.

Engaging on social media is a vital part of keeping the Origins brand authentic and relevant. It was launched in 1990 by Leonard Lauder, son of Estée Lauder, and is one of the original brands of The Estée Lauder Companies. The brand was the first in 2007 to launch an organic line of skin care products carrying a 95% organic USDA certification seal.

We spoke with Heather Park, Executive Director, Global Consumer Engagement at Origins for more insights.

BC: Before we get into the specifics of the campaign, what’s the value proposition for Origins as a brand?

Heather Park / OriginsPark (right): Origins blends the highest-quality natural ingredients with advanced science to deliver powerful, healthy skincare. You don’t have to compromise performance to use products that are as good for the earth as they are for your skin—what continues to impress me about Origins products are the incredible performance.

The other thing that’s so unique: the products are also formulated with so much integrity, from the way we tirelessly strive to source our ingredients sustainably to the fact that we do not use any animal ingredients in our products, to the way the brand is committed to giving back to the planet through wind power and our tree-planting initiatives.

BC: How is the Origins customer base evolving?

Park: Diversity and growth. When the brand was originally founded in 1990, the consumer consciousness to seek earth-friendly and naturally-based products was not as mainstream as it is today, so Origins was one of the first brands to really focus in this space.

Since then, everyone has become more conscious and passionate about wellness, so we’ve seen our customer base grow and also become much younger. Because of this, the brand has also had to adapt to reach these newer consumers and we’ve focused heavily on digital with our marketing efforts.

In 2015, we conducted the first of many influencer activations, around the launch of our millennial skin-care line, Original Skin. Since then, we have continued to integrate social media and influencers into all our ongoing digital and communications strategies. Including our latest launch, A Perfect World.

BC: How did you choose the micro-influencers for your latest Instagram campaign?

Park: The A Perfect World collection is about being real, not about being perfect. To help bring this idea to life, we specifically partnered with micro-influencers: real women on Instagram that tend to have a smaller reach, but a more authentic and engaged audience.

The micro-influencers in the campaign had such diverse passions from the environment, travel, arts to health and style. We wanted to pick women who are relatable to the Origins customer and who would openly share what #MyPerfectWorld means to them.

To stay true to the campaign message, Origins’ Creative Director Gustaf Torling left the girls completely un-retouched.

BC: What’s the role of social media influencers today in launching a successful campaign?

Park: Social media influencers are critically important to a campaign, but the concept of influencers is not a new one—it’s just that the power of influences has just shifted from one place to another. Social media influencers are just the new version of Print Media, Live Broadcast and even celebrities.

BC: Why include a sustainability component to this campaign, partnering with Global ReLeaf to plant up to 2,500 trees?

Park: Actually, to date, Origins has planted more than 600,000 trees around the world in areas damaged by wildfire and where critical wildlife habitat has been lost. We have a long-term, ongoing partnership with American Forests’ Global ReLeaf program to plant trees and help restore areas in need.

Knowing the entire concept of our “A Perfect World™” collection and campaign is around the little things in life that make the world a bit more perfect, we thought planting additional trees to support Earth Month and our launch was the perfect celebration.

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