Charmin Van-GO: The First On-Demand Private Restroom




In one of the most populated cities in the world, finding and using a clean bathroom when needed can be difficult and exasperating. P&G’s Charmin is hoping to put an end to this inconvenience with its newest service, “Charmin Van-GO”, an on-demand mobile bathroom that it piloted on June 21.

Putting the “pee” in VIP, the humorous local marketing activation invited New Yorkers to summon its mobile loo by mobile phone. With an interface similar to Uber’s and other ride-sharing apps, you use your phone to order a personal (and ultra-clean) bathroom to your current location via

In cases of higher demand for the van, you may be asked to meet at another nearby location instead—putting the (ahem!) in UberPool, as it were. The hashtag, by the way: #EnjoytheGo.

Janette Yauch, Charmin’s Associate Brand Director, says the firm is “always looking to bring people the best bathroom experience, both at home with our tissue and in new and unexpected ways.”

Charmin Van-GO was made available for two days (until June 22) from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the following neighborhoods: Columbus Circle, Bryant Park, Herald Square, Lincoln Center, Rockefeller Plaza, Union Square and the High Line.

The van came complete with a team of four on-call brand ambassadors, in case customers needed help with its facilities. Black-ish star and comedian Anthony Anderson was also aboard the van, surprising customers with comic relief.

While a tongue-in-cheek test of the concept, there’s no doubt that many New Yorkers (and other cities’ residents and visitors) would welcome such a service year-round.



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