#SeeGoodDaily: LensCrafters Hopes You Won’t Believe Your Eyes



“There’s good all around us if we look for it. And it’s easier to see with happier, healthier eyes.”

The quote that appears on the LensCrafters website is simple, inviting and uplifting—attributes that helped captivate consumers in the brand’s “See. Good. Daily.” campaign, which launched across the US last year to promote the company’s mission and purpose (along with daily disposable contacts).

The purpose-driven platform featured random acts of kindness by blending social engagement, digital content and experiential marketing on the streets of New York, Boston, Chicago and Columbus, Ohio.

Street teams bought 477 coffees, held 29 umbrellas, handed out 2160 sunflowers, paid for 21 loads of laundry, posted 2,160 notes of affirmation and prompted 2.24 million social media impressions.

This week, the 2017 iteration of the campaign kicks off, bringing to life the tagline and brand promise of “seeing life through a different lens.”

LensCrafters good portal

For phase 2 of #SeeGoodDaily, LensCrafters—owned by Luxottica Group—created a visually-surprising experience to encourage consumers to see good with all their senses.

A Los Angeles building was made over as the stealth home of “The Good Portal” — featuring a small concave window of visual and sensory delights, with no indication on the outside giving away what the viewer might behold.

The right lens can refresh your world. Get ready to #SeeGoodDaily with daily disposable contact lenses.

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The campaign name is a double entendre on a porthole (keyhole window) serving as a portal that transports the viewer into a memorable experience and unexpected way of seeing the world.

LensCrafters Good Portal

A peek through the window revealed a waiting surprise — a stunning live performance from the Los Angeles Children’s Orchestra and MUSYCA, California’s leading performing arts organization for children.

As peep shows go, the limited-time performance was not only impressive as a visual and auditory experience, but the music performed by the kids was an original song written for the campaign by Grammy-nominated producer and songwriter, David Schuler. Its title: “See. Good. Music.”

The campaign video (above) is running on LensCrafter’s digital channels, along with the happy reactions of those stopping by and taking a peek inside.

“The LensCrafters brand has an innate optimism and a refreshing curiosity as we open eyes to the unseen,” Sarah Landsman, Senior Director of Brand Strategy and Eye Care Marketing, told brandchannel in an interview last year.

“The real challenge is not if you create content, but how you create content of enough value and distinction to be seen, loved and shared.”

As the digital world evolves and consumer interests change, brands such as LensCrafters must keep their eyes wide open (pun intended) in order to keep up with the changing nature of branding content and to bring their brands to life with unique experiences.

It’s especially critical for a key cohort—millennials—as Landsman told us: “Millennials have core values of creation, discovery and sharing—so content, of course, is king for them.”

Innovations such as “The Good Portal” transcend traditional branding content, instead tackling the brand experience, which may be the key to a brand campaign with lasting impact.


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