eBay’s Colorful Pitch to Mobile, Modern Shoppers


eBay Fill Your Cart With Color

Its latest campaign, says eBay, was designed to address misunderstandings about all that the online retail platform has to offer. It’s not an online garage sale, as some may believe. Indeed, the “Fill Your Cart with Color”campaign in June did not shy away from promoting itself as a direct challenger to its biggest competitor—Amazon.

But the “Fill Your Cart with Color” spots are about more than highlighting eBay’s product offerings. Along with other recent promotions like eBay’s Price Match Guarantee on Prime Day, they are also a direct challenge to Amazon’s e-tail dominance.

Timed to counter Amazon’s Prime Day on July 11, eBay says the campaign’s goal is to highlight the site’s wide variety of offerings and ease of purchasing — “Our latest brand activation continues to challenge uninspired, formulaic shopping habits.”

The call to action: “When did shopping get so beige? Shop like nobody else. Find the thing that makes you, you, and fill your cart with color.” The colorful meme continued with a curated selection of exclusive items related to the San Diego Comic Con starting this week.

eBay Fill Your Cart With Color

“Over 80% of items on eBay’s are new, 67% of which arrive in three days or less, all easily discoverable on our new homepage, and offered with price-match guarantees,” Karl Isaac, eBay Global Brand VP, told brandchannel.

Isaac said that a common misperception of eBay is that it’s a platform for used products. The new campaign aims to correct these consumer beliefs

eBay followed up with a series of videos that spoof other videos: “But Did You Check eBay?” The spots highlight and punctuate different eBay shopping categories, reworking viral video snippets for comic effect.

It’s a message the brand hopes will sink in—that before mindlessly buying at Amazon, consumers will check eBay for an even better deal. Isaac says that the message is particularly relevant in the face of Amazon’s Prime Week messaging onslaught. “When you put it all together, shoppers really should be asking themselves if they checked eBay.”

Any brand taking on Amazon faces a major challenge. Yet while Amazon’s dominance comes from a combination of attractive pricing and familiarity, those are also vulnerable areas that eBay is well-positioned to capitalize on—with its own distinctive flair.