Do More, Different: BlackBerry Mobile Launches US Campaign


BlackBerry Do More Different

Two months ago, BlackBerry Mobile rolled out its first mobile device under TCL Communications, but it took until now before it launched a marketing campaign for it in the US.

The message:

The BlackBerry KEYone, powered by the latest Android OS, is the most secure Android smartphone available. Purpose-built for multi-tasking with a smarter keyboard, customizable shortcuts to your favourite apps and contacts, and 26+ hours of battery power putting you in charge day and night. The BlackBerry KEYone. Do more. Different.

The beleaguered Canadian brand ruled the mobile market before iPhones and Androids took over. Now it is settling on being a niche brand and selling itself as a lifestyle choice.


Its new tagline (“Do More. Different.”) highlights the company’s new KEYone phone. The message: Using a BlackBerry today makes you someone who is a little offbeat. It’s a complete reversal from only a few years ago.

BlackBerry started its KEYone launch in April in London and then moved on to Germany and Canada before hitting the States. Next stop: India in early August.

It hasn’t been an easy journey. As SeekingAlpha notes, BlackBerry’s BB10 platform update was supposed to be launched almost two years ago. It isn’t clear when or if it will ever launch. In addition, 72% of the apps published on BlackBerry’s app store in the last two years have come from just two developers.

The US launch campaign will include commercials on Fox Sports and ESPN, website takeovers, airport lounge ads, billboards, digital via programmatic video buys, YouTube bumpers and static and animated banner ads. BlackBerry is doing its best to stay alive and relevant.


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