Serial Retailer: Kellogg’s Plans To Open Bigger, Better Cafe in NYC


Kellogg is moving from a pop-up store in New York City to become a more substantial resident of Manhattan’s retail firmament.

Impressed by the brand-building success of its cereal cafe (Kellogg’s  NYC) in the year since it opened in a 1,600 square foot space in Times Square in July 2016, the iconic brand plans to open at a new, bigger and presumably more permanent home downtown this winter. Kellogg didn’t reveal its planned new location.

At Kellogg’s NYC, the brand cooperated with famous chefs and restaurants “to elevate unique cereal combinations and inspire one-of-a-kind experiences in every spoonful,” Kellogg said in a press release.

Offering everything from Pop-Tart milk shakes and Eggo sandwiches to unusual flavor and texture combinations—such as Corn Pops paired with lemon zests—Kellogg’s NYC has opened up the minds of consumers to the culinary possibilities inherent in a box of Corn Flakes. It’s also has brought a fresh, modern sheen to one of America’s oldest prepared-food brands.

This is the reason we believe in love at first sight. ❤️

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Or, as the company put it, Kellogg’s NYC “became a worldwide sensation, opening up doors for fans to reimagine the cereal experience with one of the industry’s most iconic brands.”

Kellogg will close the doors of Kellogg’s NYC this week. In its new, more ambitious location, Kellogg plans to present “an explosion of cereal inspiration and fun.”

But what could possibly top the Kellogg’s NYC creation in which the “sausage” part of a “hot dog” was made out of Cocoa Krispies, crushed vanilla latte-flavored Pop-Tarts, and marshmallow, then tucked into a bow tie doughnut bun and topped with vanilla-flavored yellow frosting that looked like mustard, and green apple-flavored gummy bears that looked like relish? Looks like we’ll have to wait and see.

Kellogg's Hotdog