Haute Pursuit: Maserati Is FCA’s Choice To Catch Up in the Electric Car Market


Maserati Alfieri

Fiat Chrysler Automotive has been late globally to the onrush toward electric cars. But it seems to have picked the right vehicle to play catch-up: the all-new, elegantly styled Maserati Alfieri that is due out by 2020.

In announcing that all new Maserati models will carry some form of electrification, FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne appears to have accomplished at least two objectives with one gambit. First, he has signaled that—like BMW and Volvo very recently—Maserati intends to aim its own considerable premium brand and engineering expertise directly at Tesla’s initial hold on the ultra-priced EV market.

And second, Marchionne is indicating that he intends FCA no longer to be an overall laggard in the electrification trend that— while still not wildly popular with consumers—has become all the rage among automakers that are anticipating the market will shift inexorably toward electrification in the next few years, whatever happens with gasoline prices and internal-combustion engines.


Automotive cognoscenti are parsing Marchionne’s indications that Maserati will spearhead the group’s moves toward electrification with exclusively hybrid and/or 100 percent-electric models beginning in 2019.

Among the first releases will be an all-electric version of the upcoming Maserati GT Alfieri, based on the concept car of the same name that FCA unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2014, paying homage to the iconic founder of the brand, Alfieri Maserati.

Wags were agog at the exterior styling of the concept and are excited that it apparently finally will see the light of day. Now they’ve got reasons to be anticipating what’s under the hood as well.