Sexy at 70, Ferrari Will Always Be About the Curves


Ferarri Portofino

Ferrari is celebrating the 70th anniversary of its first car this year, as a newly independent brand and the attitude of a startup—but one that enjoys an iconic legacy and one of the most powerful marques in any industry.

It was on March 12, 1947, that company founder Enzo Ferrari started up the 125 S, the first car to bear his name, before it was even ready to drive on the roads around the factory.

The car was built for racing, and so it began decades of the brand proving itself on raceways all over the world, creating a mystique that turned Ferrari into one of the most commercially successful luxury and performance car brands in history.

As it celebrates its 70th at racing events around the world, sales of Ferrari automobiles have continued growing apace since the spinoff of Ferrari from Fiat Chrysler last year and its IPO.

The automaker also continues to prove Ferrari’s chops, such as the Red Bull video (below) in which a Ferrari F40 makes its way up a snowy mountainside at Ryuoo Ski Park in Japan.

Chief Sergio Marchionne would like Ferrari to compete with luxury brands including Hermès and Prada. And the brand has been opening Ferrari-themed amusement parks to support its broadening ambitions. But Ferrari always will be about the curves—whether it’s cars or racetracks—and how it takes them.


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