IKEA Human Catalogue Takes Fandom to the Next Level


IKEA Singapore human catalogue

Some fans devour IKEA’s annual catalog as soon as it’s released. And then there’s Yanjaa Wintersoul, who memorized every detail on the just-released 328-page 2018 catalog. The 23-year-old two-time world memory champion accomplished the feat in just one week.

The Mongolian memory marvel turned “human catalogue” is currently the #1 highest-ranked Female Memory World Champion, a skill honed while growing up in Stockholm, Mongolia, Kenya and Tokyo.

IKEA Human Catalogue

The 2018 IKEA catalog is the largest volume of detail she has been challenged to memorized, and her unique skill can be witnessed and challenged on a Facebook Live event (September 6th at 5 PM Singapore time) on IKEA Singapore’s Facebook page.

Yanjaa is the face of IKEA’s 2018 Catalogue launch for the Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand markets and the campaign, created by BBH Singapore, has launched with a series of content films, digital and social elements, print and out of home.

As seen in the video below, IKEA employees quiz Yanjaa: What’s on the rug on Page 138? (Answer: grey stars, a little boy’s shoes, a brontosaurus and three crayons—yellow, green, red.)

Who looks like they could use an eye doctor? (Answer: The woman on Page 176 who’s straining to read a thick book without her glasses, which are tucked into her armchair).

Yanjaa told Adweek how she cultivates such a memory. “Take the Bekant conference table on Page 59. “Bekant means acquaintance in Swedish, so I think of an acquaintance of mine laying there on the table.”

“For someone who is a native English speaker, it’s maybe better to think of the German author Kant and how you want to be like Kant and work for long hours on that table.”

The annual IKEA Catalogue is the company’s main marketing communications tool and is in its 66th year with the 2018 theme, ‘Make room for life,’ showcasing more than 400 new products plus 100 products at lower prices than last year.

“The iconic IKEA Catalogue is something we are very proud of,” stated Mike King, IKEA South East Asia Retail Director. “Each year we celebrate its launch as we believe it is the go-to home furnishing inspiration for many people and it has been that way for years. This year we are very proud of the fun we are having with BBH and Yanjaa, further strengthening the link between people and home furnishings. After all, inspiring and challenging people to relook at their homes has been the main purpose of the IKEA Catalogue for all these years.”

Exemplifying IKEA’s love for brand storytelling, IKEA Singapore is known for its own memorable achievements, including coming up with the “bookbook” Apple parody in 2015 and its 2014 remake of The Shining.