Panasonic Innovation: Ready For Its Close-Up


Panasonic Hollywood to your Home 4K TV ad 2017

Panasonic was one of the original disruptor brands in consumer electronics, setting a worldwide standard for Japanese excellence in a similar manner to what Toyota and Honda did in automobiles.

Decades after Panasonic helped make “Made in Japan” synonymous with quality and relevance, the brand is continuing to advance technological innovation and consumer relevance.

It’s the major partner of Tesla in the carmaker’s “gigafactory” in Nevada, for instance, helping to produce automotive electric propulsion systems that promise to set a new standard of performance.

At the same time, Panasonic has helped lead the global TV market into the 4K format, the latest evolution of a TV segment that always has been an important part of the brand’s business.

To promote its 4K HDR TVs, earlier this year Panasonic produced a two-minute, trailer-style commercial featuring scenes you might see in different types of Hollywood blockbusters, ranging from period dramas to noir thrillers and epic science fiction and fantasy adventures.

Another short film, shot with the Lumix GH5 4K showed off the camera’s anamorphic capabilities:

The diversity of Panasonic’s market segments—including an “eco solutions company” as well as an automotive and industrial-systems unit, a connected-solutions company and an appliances division—allows the brand to flex and think big in terms of its technology ambitions, the connected world it’s transforming and its marketing efforts worldwide.

For example, Panasonic has teamed with Lawson food stores in Japan to trial the Reji-Robot checkout system in Japan, which uses RFID tags to scan items in a shopper’s basket and then bags them. And it’s developing an entire “smart town” in Yokohama that includes a town energy center to provide resident all with low-carbon and disaster-resistant energy systems, and a hydrogen refueling station. Now that’s thinking big.