The Change Agents: Meet Interbrand’s 2017 Best Global Brands


Interbrand Best Global Brands 2017

Interbrand’s 2017 Best Global Brands report finds Apple and Google holding on to the top two spots and Microsoft (one of just 16 brands to achieve double-digit growth) bumping Coca-Cola to take the third spot. Technology companies now account for 50% of the top 10, compared to 40% in 2016, as Apple and Google lead the rankings for the fifth straight year.

Facebook also saw the biggest growth in the past year, with its brand value up 48%, followed by Amazon (29%), Adobe (19%), Adidas (17%) and Starbucks (16%). New to the list this year: Ferrari, Netflix and at #88, #78 and #84 respectively.

The report is now in its 18th year, and the theme—“Growth in a Changing World with People, Technology and Brands”—is explained by Interbrand Global CEO Jez Frampton as follows:

“The only constant is change, and we are living in one of the most exciting periods of change since the Industrial Revolution. The changes we are observing are societal, attitudinal, technological, economic, industrial—and impact every aspect of commerce and life. Within this ever-shifting context, growth becomes ever more challenging. Businesses need a medium that clearly communicates purpose and energizes cultures, a platform upon which to create engaging and unique experiences, a means to stay relevant, meaningful and valued. In this changing world, businesses need brands more than ever.”

As Frampton elaborates in the video below, “People, technology and brands are the three components for growth in a changing world.”

To their credit, the world’s leading brands aren’t standing still or waiting for change to be forced upon them. Instead, they are acting instead of reacting and growing rather than maintaining the status quo. Or as the BGB logo encapsulates it, they’re not afraid to “Grow, Change and Grow” — reinforcing their brands and purpose as they evolve and become ever more relevant to the way we live our lives today.

What makes them the world’s leading brands is that they not only embrace change, but they also uniformly recognize the importance of investing in their brands while course-correcting and innovating in order to stay relevant and ahead of the competition, as Interbrand’s analysts found.

The Best Global Brands Report ranking is based on three primary factors:
• The financial performance of the branded products and services
• The role the brand plays in influencing customer choice
• The strength the brand has to command a premium price or secure earnings for the company.

Interbrand Best Global Brands 2017 #BGB2018

The five Top Growing Brands this year include Facebook (+48%), Amazon (+29%), Adobe (+19%), Adidas (+17%) and Starbucks (+16%).

More than half of the Best Global Brands came from four sectors: Automotive (with 16 brands on the table), Technology (15), Financial Services (12), and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (9). Retail is the top growing sector in percentage terms (19%), followed by Sporting Goods (10%), Technology (8%), Logistics (7%) and Financial Services (6%).

The 2017 Top 100 brands have a combined total value of USD $1,871,730m (or USD$1.87 trillion), an increase of 4.2% from 2016.

The Best Global Brands’ “Top Growing Brands understand intrinsically that brands start and end with people,” says Interbrand Chief Communications Officer Paola Norambuena. “When it comes to innovation and development, it’s all deeply customer-centric, using data and measurement effectively to ensure strong engagement and impact growth. Everything they do is deliberately built around customers’ needs and desires, and delivered through unique experiences.”

Their own people are also of paramount importance, she added. “They also invest in their people internally—many of this year’s Top Growing Brands have been recognized for their culture, workplaces, initiatives and causes, and dedication to their employees. These brands understand the power of people, and that great brands are built from within.”

Interbrand will host its 2017 Best Global Brands Summit at One World Trade Center in New York on Wednesday, September 27th. “Our ambition for the Best Global Brands event is to find new ways to connect our partners with each other, so we can all learn from the world’s leading thinkers,” says Daniel Binns, Managing Director Interbrand NY. “The programming we have slated for this year reflects the critical issues and opportunities organizations are facing as they pursue growth around the world.”

Participants at Wednesday’s event include GE CMO Linda Boff; Nike GM Ron Faris; SAP CMO Alicia Tillman; Fiona Naughton, Sr. Director of PayPal; Stacy London, author, stylist, co-host of What Not to Wear; CNBC presenter Ron Insana; and more. Guests will also have the chance to take part in more intimate fireside chats with Judy Smith, crisis management expert and inspiration for the hit TV show Scandal; and Target Chief Creative Officer Todd Waterbury.

“We are living in one of the most exciting periods of change—societal, technological, industrial—that impacts every aspect of commerce and life,” said Frampton. “In this ever-shifting context, growth becomes more challenging, which is why businesses need brands more than ever. The Best Global Brands understand that brands are the platform for growth.”

Visit the Best Global Brands microsite for more analysis, interviews and data—and click the link in the tweet below to download a PDF of the report.