How the ANA Is Packing for Its Masters of Marketing Conference


ANA ad campaign

America’s Association of National Advertisers has unveiled its first ad campaign since launching in 1910. The tagline: “Driving Growth for You, Your Brand, and Our Industry. It’s in Our DNA.”

“It’s time for us to really start looking at how we communicate our brand and how our members think about us,”  ANA CMO Duke Fanelli told Ad Age. “Should we have done it sooner? Possibly. But we decided this is really the time for us to talk more about what the ANA brand stands for.”

The group’s largest annual meeting—the Masters of Marketing conference—convenes this week in Orlando, after dealing with contentious issues in resent years ranging from bot fraud, fake ads and viewability, cash rebates and other hot topics in the US media-buying ecosystem.

“There’s just been one program after another the ANA has taken the lead on,” Fanelli said. “We want to build awareness for the ANA. We think we have a lot of programs that can help marketers grow.”

ANA’s membership topped 1,000 this year with dues based on a company’s annual advertising expenditures and range from $8,250 to six figures annually. Associate memberships for non-marketers such as law firms, ad agencies, PR agencies, vendors range from $5,700 for a gold membership and $3,100 for silver.

The new campaign strives to make ANA more relatable – and proactive.

“One of the things we focus on is the need for marketers to take the industry back,” continued Fanelli. “For too long marketers have relegated a lot of responsibility to their agencies or to publishers and media companies without fully understanding or appreciating the role they need to play in making their marketing better stronger or more efficient, or focused on their own individual growth.”

In addition to the tagline, “It’s in Our DNA,” other messages such as, “Come hang with the in crowd” or “We’re invested in your success” will be used.

The campaign will run on its website, via email, on free and paid social feeds, via PR and signage, along with print in Ad Age, Adweek, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Digiday, MediaPost and several other trade publications.

The ANA is also launching the ANA Analytics Center of Excellence (ACE)m developed in partnership with Neustar. The goal is to be “marketing’s go-to center” for all things analytical.

“ACE is intended to be the preeminent provider of thought leadership, educational resources and tools for cross-channel marketing analytics and measurement,”  the ANA’s website states.

“Offerings will include learning and networking opportunities, along with rich content such as white papers and research — both original and resourced — to elevate marketers’ understanding of data and analytics and support the growth of their brand/business. ACE will offer curricula and programs that range from helping marketers become more conversant with data and analytics to keeping those steeped in the subject up to date on evolving trends.”

ACE fills a gap in providing a single resource with measurement acumen to improve decision-making.

Julie Fleischer, VP marketing solutions at Neustar, said, “Our recent Marketing Accountability Standards research with Forbes CMO Practice confirmed that marketing performance measurement and analytics drive short-term and long-term business value. Marketers who invest more than 10 percent of working media in analytics are three times more likely to beat sales targets by 25 percent or more. The ANA is the leading marketing organization for brand marketers, so it makes sense that they are taking a leadership role in establishing governance, standards, and a curriculum around marketing accountability.”

Neustar daily sifts through much of the roughly 2.5 quadrillion bits of data generated worldwide, helping brands make critical decisions some 20 billion times a day.

ANA’s membership includes more than 1,000 companies with 15,000 brands that collectively spend or support more than $350 billion in marketing and advertising annually.

“Our ultimate goal is for the ANA to be the data, measurement, and analytics standard-setting body for marketers,” said ANA CEO Bob Liodice. “Data, analytics, and measurement are fundamental to helping the industry better understand customers and brands to effectively grow businesses, and ACE is about serving marketers’ needs and significantly moving the industry forward. ACE will help marketers identify their data needs, serve as a resource for questions, provide educational opportunities, and encourage knowledge-sharing among peers.”