Google Home Mini Donut Shops Pop Up in NY/LA


Google Home Mini Donut Shop

Google—the #2 Best Global Brand—is promoting its new donut-sized Mini smart speaker with donut-filled pop-ups that start opening this weekend. As noted Friday on Instagram, “Today we launched our new donut-sized #GoogleHome Mini, and we built a donut shop to celebrate. On tour now in the U.S. and Canada, get a taste before it hits stores.”

Starting this weekend, Google is hosting pop-ups across the U.S. in partnership with local donut bakers (such as Doughnut Plant in New York) to promote the speaker with giveaways, pink conveyor belts, doughnut vending machines and a sprinkle booth.

The locations:

• New York: Oct. 4-8, 465 West Broadway in Soho
• San Francisco: Oct. 4, Oct. 14-15, 432 Octavia St.
• Los Angeles: Oct. 7-8, 1515 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice
• Brooklyn: Oct. 20-22, Jane’s Carousel, Brooklyn Bridge Park.
• Austin: Oct. 21-22, 80-82 Rainey St.
• Oklahoma City: Oct. 28-29, 399 NW 10th St.
• Madison, Wis.: Nov. 2, 1415 Engineering Dr.
• Chicago: Nov. 4-5, 435 N. Michigan Ave.
• Indianapolis: Nov. 4-5, West Georgia Street.
• St. Louis: Nov. 9, 4270 Duncan.

Update: Some scenes from the opening weekend in NY and CA:

The #CurrentHype Team checked out the #GoogleHome Popup Donut Shop in Venice today.

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Came here for the donuts, won a #googlehome mini instead : @michonce

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A mini home

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Free donuts and Google Home mini! #google #googlehome #donuts #googlehomemini

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When you win a google mini and the lighting is just right ✨☀️ #googlehome #millenialpink #doughnut

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how @lo.ola and I feel about free things #googlehome

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